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      Mike Johnson Leeds, UK

“Tammy-Tiff has managed to transform my playing and my confidence in my playing since taking up Skype lessons with her. Seriously top-notch.” 

...saved me from years of playing frustration...

“Seriously, I was stuck in a rut from internet information overload! It may sound far-fetched, but her coaching and advise I reckon has saved me from years of playing frustration.” 

    Darrell Williams      Birmingham, UK
Natalie Grace, Glasgow, Scotland

...wanna improve fast? Tammy-Tiff's the one to help you

“It's not often us beginner guitar players have the chance to learn to get better from someone who's not just a fab guitarist and tutor, but a pro session player to boot. Wanna improve fast guys? Tammy-Tiff's the one to help you!”

The guitar lady behind Your Guitar Brain...

Tammy B guitar teacher holding acoustic guitar in her teaching studio

Tammy-Tiff B is a session guitarist, writer and tutor. She has traveled all over the world touring and working with artists such as Lady Ga Ga and Craig David.

She takes a fresh angle to help guitar players just like you use smarter ways to dramatically improve their playing guitar.

Tammy-Tiff's aim is to help you cut through all that noise, bypass the frustration of info overload, and help you learn to play your absolute best guitar. And have fun whilst you're doing it!