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4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First Electric Guitar
Learning to play the guitar needs some prep. The most important step is getting yourself the right guitar. Fortunately, there are many...
No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course: Lesson #8. ALWAYS Do This When Holding a Guitar Pick (Plectrum)
Lesson #8. Learn how to hold a guitar pick so it doesn't keep sliding around, which type of pick (soft/medium/hard) is the best to use, and an...
No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course: Lesson #7. Correct Posture for Guitar Playing: The Top 5 Mistakes + How to Avoid Them
Lesson #7. In this video, you'll learn how to AVOID the top 5 posture mistakes guitarists make (beginner to experienced). This will make sure that when you play your guitar it isn’t a chore, you don’t get an aching back and you have fun.
No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course: Lesson #6. 15 Guitar Terms EVERY Guitarist Should Know (But Most Don’t)
Lesson #6. Can you describe the difference between a riff and a chord? And what on Earth do the guitar terms 'feel' and 'dynamics' actually...
No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course: Lesson #5. Learn the PROPER Finger & Guitar Fretboard Names
Lesson #5. Beginner guitarist and wondering how we name the guitar frets and fingers on the guitar? You will know the answers, and...
No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course: Lesson #4. Acoustic Guitar String Names (& Electric) + Trick to Remember the Order FAST
Lesson #4. Learn the guitar string note names, the order of the strings, and guitar tuning. Plus, learn the trick that helps you...

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Everything you'll learn on Your Guitar Brain is easy for you to put into action. Free quality up-to-date guitar lessons, latest music gear reviews & inspirational posts that bring a fresh perspective to the table from a pro female session guitarist & guitar tutor, Tiff Bryan.

Are you a beginner guitar player? Or maybe you’ve been playing for years? If you’re sick of playing the same old stuff & want to discover something new that'll cause impressive, positive change in your guitar playing.

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Tiff is a session guitarist, writer and tutor. She has traveled all over the world touring and working with artists such as Lady GaGa, Little Mix, Tricky and Craig David.

She takes a fresh angle to help guitar players just like you use smarter ways to dramatically improve your guitar playing.

Tiff's aim is to help you cut through all that noise, bypass the frustration of information overload, and help you learn to play your absolute best guitar - and have fun whilst you're doing it!