15+ Genius Guitar Gadgets & Gifts in 2023 (for Guitar Lovers)

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15+ Genius Guitar Gadgets & Gifts (for Guitar Lovers)

The best gadgets and accessories for guitar players, guitar lovers and general music geeks.

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Play guitar and can't resist gadgets? Or maybe you know a guitar player who does... For those of you tech-savyy folks out there, come check out 15 ridiculously cool guitar related gadgets.

These aren't just gimmicky impress-yer-mates only gadgets though.

No. You'll find some seriously cools bits of tech that'll actually help improve your playing because you'll be spending hours having fun playing with 'em. 

Drum roll please...

Marshall Guitar Gadget Keyring

If you're a guitar player and music lover, you'd be hard pushed to find a cooler way to hang your car and house keys. Easy to install and with string jacks that look so real you'd be forgiven for trying to insert them into your real amp...

You'll love: The fact you can hang four keys from this Fender wall mount unit. No more mad panic looking for where you put your car keys then.

2. Handmade Personalised Leather Guitar Strap

Personalised guitar strap leather acoustic electric guitar strap

What do you get the man or woman in your life that plays guitar? A personalised, handmade luxury leather guitar strap, that's what. This durable well made strap looks the business and is super comfortable.

Get your own or your loved ones name engraved onto the strap and get a gift to remember.

Marshall bluetooth speaker cool gift for guitarists

The super cool vintage styled Marshall Kilburn is the portable bluetooth speaker made for guitarists and music lovers.

The stereo speaker pumps out crisp and punchy music & works seamlessly with both bluetooth and included audio cable. The perfect excuse to get that jam track on.

You'll love: The 18 hour battery life. Not just a looker then.

Best Gifts and Accessories For beginner Guitar Players Digital Electronic Guitar Tuner Roadie 2

It's a pain in the rear trying to tune your guitar in a noisy room. Now there's no more fiddling about with your old fashioned guitar tuner. The Roadie 2 makes tuning your ax speedy and hassle free.

Quick and accurate, tune your guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin or bass in a matter of seconds. You'll wonder how you did without this for so long...

You'll love: You can choose from a gargantuan amount of alternate tunings via the free IOS and Android Roadie app.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface Gifts for Guitarists

Looking for a simple way to record your guitar parts, vocals or podcasts without having to hunt for  the best microphone and audio interface? You need to get the awesome Focusrite Studio Bundle.

Making music is now easy thanks to the straight forward setting up steps of this audio interface which works on both Mac and Windows.

You'll love: The surprisingly rich & professional sound you'll get on your vocals from the condenser microphone included.

6. Steampunk Style Guitar Player Table Lamp 

Steampunk Guitar Table Lamp Unusual Cool Gifts for Guitarists

If you're looking for the perfect conversation piece to go in your home studio, man cave or music room this cool guitar chandelier will fit the bill.

You'll love: The unique industrial chic design.

7. Guitar String Ring

best guitar player lover gifts for me guitar present ideas string ring

Know a guitar player who needs a gift but you're all out of ideas? Get them a beautiful hand-crafted guitar string ring. With countless other designs to choose from made from quality  materials including Titanium, stainless steel and Tennessee Whiskey Barrel (how cool!), you're sure to find the perfect ring to suit any guitarist.

You'll love: The stunning unique artwork, and this particular rings comes complete with certificate of authenticity.

8. Hercules Multi Guitar Stand: 6 Guitars

Hercules GS526B Guitar Stand for 6 Guitars multiple stand electric acoustic

Hands-up if you're the kind of guitar player who thinks one guitar is never enough. This solid, well build multi guitar stand from Hercules is an ingenious piece of kit. Store up to 6 guitars on this stable quality stand.

You'll love: Having your prize babies on show instead of hiding in their cases.

9. Guitar Display Case Cabinet

Guitar display case cabinet guitar gift gadget idea mancave music studio accessory

The perfect addition to any wall, this beautifully designed guitar display case comes fully assembled. If you want to display your guitar in a unique and eye catching way, this case is sure to stir up some conversation. This particular piece comes fitted with felt interior and a heavy duty padded guitar neck hook.

You'll love: Showing off your guitars in a unique style.

10. GPO Portable Vinyl Turntable with USB Digital Conversion

GPO Portable Vinyl Turntable with USB Digital Conversion

If you're a vinyl nut type of music lover, we know you appreciate music in it's purest form. Wouldn't it be handy to be able to save that vinyl loveliness onto a USB stick and listen to it on the move though?

Now you can. This gorgeously retro styled portable record player comes with a free USB stick so you can now listen to and record all your favourite albums. Get in.

You'll love: The 5 funky colours the GPO vinyl turntable is available in. (Apple green, Pillarbox red, Sky blue, Vintage brown & Black)

11. Marshall - Major II Bluetooth Headphones

Marshall Major II Headphones

There's nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy playing your guitar or listen to music with noise in the background.

This is why you'll love these crisp and rich sounding Major II headphones from Marshall. Oh, and they look ridiculously cool too.

You'll love: You can change your music with the handy controls on the headphones. No more scrambling around to find that volume button.

12. Steampunk Guitar

Steampunk electric guitar sculpture gift industrial unique gifts for him

If you've got the cash to flash and want a handmade unique guitar to add to your collection, this industrial steampunk guitar sculpture is a stunner.

This particular piece was made from parts including old mechanical clock gears, brass and copper rods and copper rivets. If you want a piece of art and instrument in one that stands out from the crowd, this is for you.

You'll love: The guitar plays and sounds great too.

13. IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 Guitar Interface

IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 Guitar Interface Best Guitarist Gift

iRig HD 2 is a professional-quality guitar interface which allows you to record your guitar playing through your laptop, phone or tablet. It ships with the award-winning amplifier and FX modeling software AmpliTube and works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and PC.

You now have a quality sounding system for playing and recording tailored especially for acoustic guitar players. Lovely jubbly.

You'll love: The clear rich feedback free sound you'll get out of your guitar.

14. Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa Built In

Bose Home Speaker 500 Best bluetooth speaker audiophiles

Introducing the unmistakable Bose Home Speaker 500, the crème de la crème of wireless speakers. 

Connect the speaker to your home or office Wi-Fi and control it with the SoundTouch app for your computer, mobile or tablet device. The sound is powerful with crisp highs and lows - what else would you expect from Bose?

Sit back, fill your space with beautiful audio and drift away. 

You'll love: The ability to connect to multiple music services like Spotify, iTunes & Deezer, along with loads of Internet radio stations.

15. Zoom H1 Portable Digital Recorder

Zoom H1 Portable Digital Recorder Best recorder For Guitar

Never be caught short again when inspiration strikes. The Zoom H1 portable recorder is an easy to use, professional sounding and affordable digital recorder. 

Use to record songwriting ideas, audio for video, live performances, practice sessions..whatever you desire. Each time you'll get broadcast quality recordings in WAV or MP3 format.

You'll love: The high speed USB 2 port - it makes exporting your recorded data quick and fuss free.

16. Guitar Bar Stool (Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Gretsch etc)

Guitar Stool Fender Black Best Gifts for Guitarists

Are you more of a Fender or a Gibson guy? Maybe Taylor or Gretsch...Maybe all of them! Either way, there's no cooler accessory to add to your studio space, man cave than a guitar bar stool.

The stool is a great height for playing guitar, and with other famous guitar branded stools to choose from, click the green button below and knock yourself out.

Guitar Stand String Swing Holder Horizontal

Did you know hiding your guitar away in its case harms your playing gains? You're less likely to pick it up and play and so you're more likely to get frustrated and not bother.

Easily avoid this catastrophe. Grab yourself this sturdy horizontal guitar wall hanger, guaranteed to keep your guitar out of harm's way and you happy. Fits most guitars and basses.

You'll love: The Neoprene padding which won't damage your much loved axe.

Summing It Up

Never be stuck for a gift for yourself or guitar player again. If you loved the guitar accessories and gadgets in this post, I know you're going to want to check out the best guitar effects pedals and amps on the market today.

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