15 Genius Guitar Gadgets (For Tech-Geek Music Lovers)


15 Genius Guitar Gadgets (For Tech-Geek Music Lovers)

Play guitar and can't resist gadgets? Or maybe you know a guitar player who does... For those of you tech-savyy folks out there, come check out 15 ridiculously cool guitar related gadgets.

These aren't just gimmicky impress-yer-mates only gadgets though.

No. You'll find some seriously cools bits of tech that'll actually help improve your playing because you'll be spending hours having fun playing with 'em. 

Drum roll please...

Welcome to the worlds first digital SmartGuitar. You can wirelessly connect this bad boy to your iphone, ipad & mac.

The perfect size for travelling guitar players who are struck by a creative flash of genius, the Jamstick also handily doubles up as a MIDI controller you can play any sound from.

You'll love: The cool tutorial apps that are included that'll help sculpt you into a guitar playing god or godess.

Marshall Kilburn Cream Bluetooth Speaker

The super cool vintage styled Marshall Kilburn is the portable bluetooth speaker made for guitarists and music lovers.

The stereo speaker pumps out crisp and punchy music & works seamlessly with both bluetooth and included audio cable. The perfect excuse to get that jam track on.

You'll love: The 18 hour battery life. Not just a looker then.

Roadie RD100 Automatic guitar Tuner

It's a pain in the rear trying to tune your guitar in a noisy room. Now there's no more fiddling about with your old fashioned guitar tuner. The Roadie RD100 makes tuning your ax speedy and hassle free.

Quick and accurate, tune your guitar, banjo, ukelele, mandolin or bass in a matter of seconds. You'll wonder how you did without this for so long...

You'll love: You can choose from a gargantuan amount of alternate tunings via the free IOS and Android Roadie app.

Line 6 Sonic Port VX Audio Interface 2

Looking for a simple way to record your guitar parts and vocals at the same time without having to splash out for a microphone and audio interface? You need to get the awesome little Line 6 Sonic Port then.

Plug your bass or guitar in and record whole songs if you fancy from your iOS device. Sonic Port VX is compatible with Mobile POD, GarageBand, & all other Core Audio apps. Splendid. 

You'll love: The surprisingly rich & professional sound you'll get on your vocals from the VX's condenser microphone.

Vox Analog Valve AV30

Wouldn't it be nice to get the rich valve tone of the classic Vox AC30 but without the hefty price tag? You're almost there with the Vox AV30.

This all valve 30 watt amp is small but very mighty. With 8 gain circuits and 2 channels, be prepared to rock your socks off.

You'll love: The 8 different effects including delay, reverb and mod you get to play around with.

T-Rex Fuel Tank Power Supply

Stop chewing through 9V batteries like they're going out of fashion. The Fuel Tank from T-Rex is the power supply every guitar players pedalboard is gagging for.

You can plug in 5 effetcs pedals to this sturdy metal power bank which is built like a tank. So unlike other plastic power supplies the T-Rex FuelTank wont break, whether you're on the road or at home.

You'll love: The quiet isolated power output. This means you can enjoy no annoying buzzes or hums.

Personalised Guitar Plectrum

Treat yourself or any guitar player you know to a personalised guitar pick and look rather cool in the process. 

Never be stuck again for guitar related gift ideas.

You'll love: Now you'll know if the bass player has nicked your plectrum and is trying to pretend it's theirs.

Price: Check out the latest best deal below...

Home Theatre Entertainment Mini Video Projector

If you thought having a home cinema system was only for the Mick Jaggers of this world, think again. 

Connect this 1500 lumens LED projection to multiple devices like laptops, TV set-top box, smartphones, gaming consoles etc and rock out watching your favourite music performances for some serious inspiration.

You'll love: Playing along to Rockband or GuitarHero will never feel so epic.

GPO Portable Vinyl Turntable with USB Digital Conversion

If you're a vinyl nut type of music lover, we know you appreciate music in it's purest form. Wouldn't it be handy to be able to save that vinyl loveliness onto a USB stick and listen to it on the move though?

Now you can. This gorgeously retro styled portable record player comes with a free USB stick so you can now listen to and record all your favourite albums. Get in.

You'll love: The 5 funky colours the GPO vinyl turntable is available in. (Apple green, Pillarbox red, Sky blue, Vintage brown & Black)

Marshall Major II Headphones

There's nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy playing your guitar or listen to music with noise in the background.

This is why you'll love these crisp and rich sounding Major II headphones from Marshall. Oh, and they look ridiculously cool too.

You'll love: You can change your music with the handy controls on the headphones. No more scrambling around to find that volume button.

iRig Acoustic Guitar Microphone
iRig Acoustic Guitar Microphone

Improve your playing experience tenfold by micing up your acoustic and letting rip.

Simply clip this clever little guitar microphone from iRig onto your sound hole and plug it into any of your IOS devices. Voila. You now have a quality sounding system for playing and recording tailored especially for acoustic guitar players.

Use with iRig Acoustic and AmpliTube Acoustic app & you're good to go.

You'll love: The clear rich feedback free sound you'll get out of your guitar.

Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Speaker

Introducing the unmistakable Bose SoundTouch 20, the crème de la crème of wireless speakers. 

Connect the speaker to your home or office Wi-Fi and control it with the SoundTouch app for your computer, mobile or tablet device. The sound is powerful with crisp highs and lows - what else would you expect from Bose?

Sit back, fill your space with beautiful audio and drift away. 

You'll love: The ability to connect to multiple music services like Spotify, iTunes & Deezer, along with loads of Internet radio stations.

Never be caught short again when inspiration strikes. The Zoom H1 portable recorder is an easy to use, professional sounding and affordable digital recorder. 

Use to record songwriting ideas, audio for video, live performances, practice sessions..whatever you desire. Each time you'll get broadcast quality recordings in WAV 96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit, or you can choose MP3 format.

You'll love: The high speed USB 2 port - it makes exporting your recorded data quick and fuss free.

Stage Party DJ LED Lights
Stage Party DJ LED Lights

Create a colourful and exciting party atmosphere with these pro looking stage lights. You get 36 LED multi-colour change: (12 red LEDs + 12 green LEDs + 12 blue LEDs) and a whole lot of the wow factor when you whip these out.

Extremely versatile, you can use this imprssive light for stage, DJ, home, party, celebrations, or as a quirky birthday gift. 

You'll love: The bags of different modes and functions you get to create stunning visuals.

RAVPower Portable Charger 6700mAh

You use your smartphone for eveything from playing music to using interactive apps, to watching Youtube videos. So you know there's nothing more annoying than your battery dying just as you need it the most.

The solution. Get yourself this portable charger from RAVPower. With the 2.4A output it charges your devices 2X faster than other chargers. You'll get at least 4 charges out of an average iPhone.

You'll love: There's no overheating, and it's so small it fits into the palm of your hand. Handy!

Horizontal Guitar Wall Hanger : Bracket

Did you know hiding your guitar away in it's case harms your playing gains? You're less likely to pick it up and play and so you're more likely to get frustrated and not bother.

Easily avoid this catastrophe. Grab yourself this sturdy horizontal guitar wall hanger, guaranteed to keep your guitar out of harms way and you happy. Fits most guitars from banjos to 12 strings to electrics.

You'll love: The Neoprene padding which won't damage your much loved axe.

Guitar t shirt
Guitar t shirts
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