No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course: Lesson #1. Should You Learn on Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

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No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course  

Lesson #1. Should You Learn on Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

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Beginner guitar players; avoid making the big novice guitarist mistake and find out the answer to the hotly debated question: should I learn on an acoustic or electric guitar first?

In this first video in the guitar lesson series "No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course: What to Learn First", you'll learn the honest answer that ensures you start off learning the guitar the RIGHT way and avoid tripping yourself up in the future.

Welcome, and how exciting. This is the first video in our beginner
course video series. Before we get started with the playing, this is perhaps the most important question (I know that I wondered this when I started playing the guitar).

So, acoustic or electric guitar; which one is best to learn to play the guitar on? Right, so this is up for hot debate, and I'll just give you one clear answer to which I think you should be learning on.
This is a clue (Tiff holds up her acoustic guitar). Yes, an acoustic guitar.

So why would I say acoustic over electric? Well, you have some people that say, which is a valid point, if you listen to a lot of electric guitar music, and that's where you want to take your playing, then learn on an electric guitar. Go with that if it's what you love.

However, I will actually say, to get all your foundations and all your really important skills down, an acoustic guitar is really going to develop your technique and your strength a lot quicker than an electric guitar will.

Number one; acoustic guitar strings are a lot thicker, so basically it means when you're strumming and when you're playing, your fingers at first are having to... (continue to the video)

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