No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course: Lesson #5. Learn the PROPER Finger & Guitar Fretboard Names

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No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course  

Lesson #5. Learn the PROPER Finger & Guitar Fretboard Names

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Hey there. In this next beginner guitar lesson video, you'll learn some more essential basics; we're going over the fretboard and finger numberings.

So why is it important and useful for you to know the correct names for the fingers and frets? It means you can follow along with guitar lesson videos, apps and books better, and you'll understand where to place the fingers on your left when learning to play different shapes.

The left hand applies to you right-handed players, and if you're a lefty, that will apply to your right hand.

Your left hand is the one that does what we call fretting (if you're right-handed, the opposite if you're left-handed). What we mean by 'fretting' is when you press your fingers on the fretboard and...(continued in the video)

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