No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course: Lesson #7. Correct Posture for Guitar Playing: The Top 5 Mistakes + How to Avoid Them

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No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course  

Lesson #7. Correct Posture for Guitar Playing: Top 5 Mistakes (+ How to Avoid)

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In this free beginner guitarist lesson, you will learn how to AVOID the top 5 posture mistakes guitarists make (beginner to experienced). This will make sure that when you play your guitar it isn’t a chore, you don’t get an aching back and you have fun.

We cover tips  for the best way to hold your guitar when sitting down and tips for the best guitar posture when standing up to play.

There are specific tips for how to hold your guitar if you are right-handed and left-handed, along with advice on how to get comfortable so you can avoid back pain, and neck ache when playing the guitar.

(continued in the video).

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