No. 1 Beginner Guitar Course: Lesson #8. ALWAYS Do This When Holding a Guitar Pick (Plectrum)

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Lesson #8. ALWAYS Do This When Holding a Guitar Pick (Plectrum)

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By the end of this video, you're not only going to know how to hold a plectrum (aka guitar pick) correctly, but you're going to know the common mistakes to avoid when you do hold the plectrum.

As you can see, I'm gripping the plectrum with my thumb and my first finger. Notice how there's quite a lot of the pointy part of the pick showing? If you see how I'm putting my second finger on it (Tiff shows an incorrect way of gripping a guitar pick), this is the most common mistake you need to avoid.

Holding the pick with your first and second fingers and thumb restricts the movement. This is because the middle finger acts like a barrier when your second finger gets in on the action, especially when you make a picking motion like that.

Holding the plectrum incorrectly prevets that nice free motion you need when you're...(continued in the video).

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