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FAQ. How can I get better at working out songs by ear?

If you want to know how to improve your ear training skills, there are a number of software tools that can help you train your ear to work out songs fast.

Here are our top recommendations:

➡️ This book reveals the secrets of music theory that’ll help you recognise and play notes, chords, and rhythms with ease: Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory: for Beginners.

➡️ You can also try Chord Crush by Hooktheory, a fun and interactive ear-training app that teaches you to recognise chords by solving puzzles based on real songs.

➡️ Another useful tool is Hookpad by Hooktheory, a songwriting software that helps you create melodies and chord progressions with built-in music theory and AI.

➡️ EarMaster is an ear training app that helps you learn to hear and play notes, chords, scales, and rhythms. It has many fun exercises and games to improve your music skills.

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