Best Chorus Pedals for Guitar: Top 5 (You’ll Sound Lush)

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Best Chorus Pedals for Guitar: Top 5 (You'll Sound Lush) - 2021 -

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Stop searching! We've found 5 of the best guitar chorus effect pedals today for you to check out.

Here's a question for you: want to get lush textured sounds with a rich stereo effect and make your guitar playing sound better to boot? Get a chorus pedal if you do.

A chorus pedal is the perfect effects unit for you whether you're a gigging guitarist or play for your own pleasure at home. If it's good enough for Slash (think Paradise City and November Rain guitar sound) it'll jolly well be good enough for you.

So here they are, the top 5 chorus pedals you should get your little mits on...

Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Chorus Pedal

The Small Clone is a classic sounding chorus fx pedal. Kurt Cobains chorus fx pedal of choice, this little guy takes full credit for those iconic sounding tones heard on 'Come As You Are' and many Nirvana tunes.

Bored of digital sounding pedals? This Electro-harmonix chorus pedal will be your cup of tea then. It's pure analogue tones give you spacey, timeless chorus that'll make your guitar sound bigger than it is. Think deep swirling undulating tones, and you're there.

The sound you get from this pedal for it's modest price we know will impress you guitar effects lovers out there. As one pleased as punch Small  Clone user commented "Epic sound. Very affordable compared to other high end chorus pedals. You need to get one now!"


Best Bits

  • Classic Analog fx pedal
  • Simple, user-friendly design
  • 1 Rate knob & 1 Depth switch
  • Big spacey chorus tones
  • True bypass (maintains tones)
  • Includes a 9-volt battery
  • Used by bands like Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr


Power: 9V battery (included) and DC Adaptor (sold separately)

You'll love: The sumptuous warm bass the Small Clone adds to your guitars tone (not to mention how easy it is to get that perfect sound).

You might not dig: We honestly cannot find a negative with this pedal. You're gonna love it!

Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Demo

Jim Dunlop MXR Analog Chorus Pedal

Hands-up who prefers analog pedals to digital... You can't beat them can you? And this offering of chorus fx pedal from MXR will leave a big smile on your face.

Easily play around with your tone by tweaking the high and lo frequency knobs and sculpt your perfect chorus tones further with the rate and depth dials the pedal offers.

Using bucket-brigade circuitry, the MXR chorus pedal easily creates gorgeous textures and sounds the way only an all analogue guitar fx pedal can.

The pedal looks stunning and feels long-lasting thanks to it's heavy-duty housing all-round and robust design.Back of the net for MXR.


Best Bits

  • All-Analog 'Bucket brigade circuitry'
  • Vintage deep textures
  • Rate, level, and depth controls
  • Sexy sparkly blue finish
  • High- and low-cut knobs
  • Input, Mono out, and Thru jacks


Power: 9V battery (included) and DC Adaptor (sold separately)

You'll love: The subtle and classy chorus tones. Non cheesy 80's sound zone guaranteed.

You might not dig: Some users say it took them time to tweak to get the prefect tone balance, whilst others said it sounded lush out the box. You decide...

Jim Dunlop MXR Demo

Behringer Ultra UC200 Chorus Pedal

It's cheap as chips this chorus pedal. It really is.

This stereo chorus pedal offering from Behringer is a favourite of bedroom guitarists the world over who don't want to spend a fortune on an effects pedal, but not sound pants either.

With it's straight forward design and solid plastic housing, you'll be very surprised the Behringer UC200 chorus pedal feels more expensive than it is. With tone, level, rate and depth dials you've no excuse not to let your inner creative beast loose. 

Control the amount of chorus effect by tinkering with the level pot, which is very handy so you can mix what amount of effect you want with the unaffected signal from your guitar. All the standard stuff you'd expect from a chorus pedal.


Best Bits

  • Big stereo chorus sound
  • Cheap as chips
  • Easy accessed Level, Tone, Rate and Depth controls
  • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • Runs on 9 V battery or the Behringer PSU-SB DC power supply


Power: 9V battery (included) and DC Adaptor (sold separately)

You'll love: The lovely stereo sound for a teeny tiny price

You might not dig: Not as classic and lush sounding as it's more expensive analog pedal rivals

Behringer UC200 Demo

Nux Vintage Chorus Pedal

Here at Your we know you're not all professional gigging guitarists out there. You therefore aren't interested in an effects pedal that'll cost you an arm and a leg. This is why we've chosen the Nux chorus pedal to show you.

The Nux is another uber low price chorus pedal perfect for beginner guitar players to cut their teeth on. You get depth, speed and blend control knobs helping you get that perfect dreamy chorus sound on your guitar.

You'll not be disappointed with the sound if you're after a cheap and cheerful first-time chorus pedal. Just don't expect the earth and moon.

Best Bits

  • Low noise bbd in delay circuit,
  • Natural sound
  • True bypass gives a transparent tone
  • LED indicator showing status of effect & battery condition
  • Rubs off AA batteries. Very handy.


Power: 2x AA batteries  

You'll love: The simple design and small price tag

You might not dig: Tone not as massive and thick as more expensive pedals out there

Nux Vintage Demo

Boss CH-1 Chorus Effects Pedal

Some might say we've left the best till last...

The Boss CH-1 chorus pedal is undeniably a classic and well loved chorus pedal for a reason. It sounds fantastic. This subtle yet big sounding chorus pedal adds dynamics to both high gain solo sounds and clean rhythm tones.

Easy to use, built like a tank, big warm sounds. The CH-1 is a chorus fx pedal that will make your pedal board - and you - very happy indeed.

Best Bits

  • Rich chorus tones for clean and overdriven guitar sounds
  • Perfect for guitar, bass, and keyboard
  • Mono input and Stereo outputs for connection to dual amps
  • Rugged, robust and reliable Boss build
  • User friendly design


Power: 9V battery (included) and DC Adaptor (sold separately)

You'll love: The second to non warm super chorus sound.

You might not dig: The fact you haven't already got one of these on your pedal board...what you waiting for? Click the link below and check this classic bad boy out.

Boss CH-1 Demo