Best Guitar Straps for Acoustic & Electric (inc. Leather, Cotton…)

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Whether it’s for your Les Paul, Fender or Taylor, we found the 10 best guitar straps that are comfortable, secure & stylish.

So you want to treat yourself to a new guitar strap? As one of the top accessories for guitarists to buy, guitar players of all abilities will agree that a guitar strap must be a combination of comfort, durability and style.

If you’re a performing guitarist looking for a guitar strap with locking nuts or an extra-wide guitar strap for your electric, we’ve sniffed out the best straps for you to choose from.

If you’re a beginner guitarist, getting a guitar strap is also a clever idea. One of the best ways to improve at playing the guitar is to experiment and stand up to play. For that, you’ll need a guitar strap that’s not too heavy and bulky but is durable enough so you can be confident it won’t break. We have you covered.

The guitar straps in this list are for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and bass, and some are brilliant for fit banjos and ukuleles.

Let’s get to them.

1. Levy’s Leather Guitar Strap

's Leather Guitar Strap best for Acoustic Electric Top Quality

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Material: Leather | Length: Adjustable from 37” to 51”Width: 2.5″

These durable, quality guitar straps from Levy are a reason to ditch that cheap free strap you got with your first guitar and treat yourself.

These 2.5″ wide straps give you more staying power if you’re playing your guitar for extended periods. Coming in eight colours (including burgundy, burnt brown and green), you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll find a colour that screams “buy me!” from this range of leather straps.

This strap from Levy will keep your guitar strapped safely to you during live shows, whether in front of a packed venue or with your dog at home.

You’ll Love

  • Super comfy to wear
  • 8 different colour options
  • Durable quality

2. Guitar Strap Embroidered Woven Red Vintage

Guitar Strap Embroidered Red Vintage Woven Best Vegan Comfort

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Material: Woven cotton | Length: Adjustable from 37” to 62”Width: 2″

You’ve probably noticed how overrun the guitar strap market is with leather options. This lightweight guitar strap is made from red woven cotton with a gorgeous retro pattern and is worth your attention if you’re after a fabric guitar strap.

This strap is ideal for ladies, men, and kids because of its lightweight feel. It’ll fit an acoustic or electric guitar comfortably.

We love the fact this strap comes with extras, such as strap locks and a string attachment, so you can attach your beloved guitar to the strap with no fuss and crack on with playing.

You’ll Love

  • Lightweight comfort
  • Great value for money
  • Unique style

3. Levy’s Vegan-Friendly Natural Cork Guitar Strap

" Wide Vegan Friendly Natural Cork Guitar Strap

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Material: Natural cork | Length: Adjustable from 35” to 60”Width: 2″

The natural cork material of this unique Levy guitar strap is both rugged and stylish. If you want good support for your guitar but don’t want the heavy rigid feel of a leather strap, this strap will make you happy.

And importantly, because the strap is made from sustainable, Vegan-friendly cork materials, you’ll be leaving a smile on many animals’ faces, too, when you choose this over its leather counterparts.

These straps come in some fabulous designs ranging from Wildflower (pictured) to the exotic-sounding Zanzibar. Go check them out if you’d like to be original and get a guitar strap with a difference.

You’ll Love

  • Vegan-friendly materials
  • Head-turning style
  • Reinforced two-ply cork ends offer security

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4. Line 6 HX Stomp Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal

MUSIC FIRST Original Design Vintage Style “Plum Flowers” Soft Cotton & Genuine Leather Guitar Best Kids Women Acoustic Electric Tall Short

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Material: Leather & cotton | Length: Adjustable from 33.6” to 62.2” Width: 2″

It’s a no-brainer – if you’re looking for an eye-catching colourful strap for your acoustic or electric guitar, you’ve found it.

These 2″ wide guitar straps from Music First come in long adjustable lengths that’ll fit most guitar players’ heights, from kids to adults. Made from durable leather, the strap ends will keep your guitar secure and snug.

The outer strap material is cotton, and the inner is leather for extra durability. We adore the variety of vintage bohemian designs this strap comes in, making it a top choice for those of you who are bored of the samey black or brown straps on the market and like funky colours.

You’ll Love

  • Cute hippie-chic colour choices
  • Great quality
  • Comes with locking nuts

5. Fender Guitar Strap Monogrammed

Fender Guitar Strap Monogrammed Electric Best Gibson

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Material: Polyester | Length: Adjustable from 44” to 52.4” Width: 2″

The classic padded polyester guitar strap from Fender is a staple for Fender Strat-wielding fanboys and girls and those guitar players looking for a comfortable strap for their electric, acoustic or bass guitar.

The iconic woven logo plus headstock design is unashamedly Fender through and through. Not the most durable of straps on our list, still, these Fender straps are easily adjustable and fold up nicely into your guitar case.

Great value for money and iconic styling make these straps a solid choice for guitarists of all ages and abilities.

You’ll Love

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fender styling
  • Inexpensive

6. KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap for Bass, Electric & Acoustic

KLIQ AirCell Guitar Stap Best Wide Neoprene Pad Comfort Heavy Les paul Black

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Material: Neoprene | Length: Adjustable from 46” to 56” Width: 3″

Hands up anyone who has a heavy guitar like a Gibson Les Paul or an unusually shaped metal rock guitar. After long playing sessions, you’re likely no stranger to aching neck and shoulders.

The KLIQ AirCell guitar strap distributes the weight of your guitar more evenly, thanks to its 3″ strap width. Not just that, its air-filled cells make the strap so comfortable to wear that you’ll think you’re back in bed.

Bye-bye, pesky neck ache! If you sweat when you play the guitar, you’ll also love this strap for its moisture-wicking properties that allow you to have fun whilst you’re playing instead of reaching for a towel. With a large selection of colours, the AirCell strap is a real winner.

You’ll Love

  • Sublime comfort
  • Perfect for heavier guitars
  • 4 size options

7. Skull Guitar Strap for Electric, Acoustic & Bass (Great Gift) 

Skull Guitar Strap & Leather Ends Guitar Shoulder Strap for Bass, Electric, Acoustic Guitars.Best Christmas Gift for Men Women Guitarist

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Material: Nylon | Length: Adjustable from 33.5” to 59” Width: 2″

With its funny, quirky skull pattern, this nylon guitar strap makes a great gift for someone who plays the guitar (husband, wife, son, daughter or yourself).

It is comfortable and lightweight to wear, so won’t give you back or shoulder pain when you’re on your feet practising your guitar chops.

Despite the low cost of this strap, it feels sturdy, and the leather ends give you that all-important peace of mind that it’s not going to break.

Keep in mind, though, if you have a heavy guitar, we suggest you go for another strap off this list, such as this tough neoprene one.

You’ll Love

  • Cheap as chips
  • The eye-catching skull design
  • Great for adults and kids

8. Perri’s Suede Sheepskin Guitar Strap

's Suede Sheepskin Guitar Strap Electric bass acoustic wide performing comfort strong

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Material: Suede & Sheepskin | Length: Adjustable from 41” to 56” Width: 2.5″

With a timeless look, these soft suede leather Perri guitar straps are quick and straightforward to attach to most guitar sizes, from Takamine acoustics to Gretsch electrics.

Coming in various colours and lengths (inc. standard and extra long), these straps measure 2.5 inches wide and comfortably fit most guitar players’ heights.

Because comfort should always be high on your list when buying a guitar strap, you’ll be pleased to know these Perri straps are both well-made and (thanks to the soft synthetic sheepskin interior) are comfortable to wear.

You’ll Love

  • Feels secure even without strap locks
  • 2.5″ width helps minimise back & neck pain
  • Reasonable price

9. D’Addario Auto Locking ‘Planet Lock’ Guitar Strap for Electric, Bass & Acoustic 

DAddario Auto Lock Guitar Strap Bass Acoustic Nuts Best Electric heavy break strong metal rock punk

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Material: Polypropylene | Length: Adjustable from 35” to 59.5” Width: 2″

Why take a gamble and trust a regular guitar strap with your precious guitar? These D’Addario guitar straps have a ‘Patented Planet Lock’ system, which keeps your guitar securely locked in place.

Another benefit of these straps is that they have a quick-release mechanism and are made from heavy-duty polypropylene webbing, intended to last longer than the usual polypropylene straps.

Easy to fit and remove, and designed to suit guitarists of all heights and playing styles, these guitar straps by D’Addario are available to buy in many colours, including red, blue, black and pink.

You’ll Love

  • Locking system gives peace of mind when performing
  • Durable polypropylene material
  • Fab quality for the price

10. Anthology Gear “The Reticent” Full Grain Leather Guitar Strap  

Guitar strap Anthology Gear "The Reticent" Full Grain Leather Guitar Strap electric bass heavy les paul fender

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Material: Leather | Length: Adjustable from 39” to 54” Width: 3″

Unmatched in quality and longevity, full-grain leather guitar straps are made from the strongest type of leather and, as such, are likely to outlive you.

“The Reticent” guitar strap is a top choice if you’re into quality handmade accessories that are built to last. The high-density strap padding makes the strap a joy to wear on long jam sessions and gigs.

Not just for the performing guitarist; if you love your guitar, treat her to one of these Anthology full-grain leather straps. It’s a match made in heaven.

You’ll Love

  • Superior quality
  • 2″ and 3″ options
  • Statement guitar strap

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