Best Multi-Effects Pedals for Guitar: Top 5 (You’ll Sound Epic)

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Best Multi-Effects Pedals for Guitar: Top 5 (You'll Sound Epic)

The best cheap multi fx pedals for beginners and beyond: from bedroom use to live performance 

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best multi effects pedals for guitar multi fx pedals

What are the best guitar multi-effects pedals out there for you? Whether you're a beginner guitar player or an experienced gigging guitarist, a multi-effects pedal is one of the best types of effects pedal you could own. Why?

Because these handy effects processors are your all in one guitar fx pedal solution. Want a distortion pedal, delay pedal, chorus pedal and tons of different amp sounds but don't want to spend a fortune (or buy a pedal board the size of a snooker table)? 

Your solution; get a multi-effects pedal. Whether you want more memory presets then you can shake a stick at, or you crave a multi-effects with a USB input, you're highly likely to find the pedal of your dreams in this here list. Let's get to 'em then...

1.Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Pedal Processor

best multi effects pedal best multi effects guitar pedal Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor.jpg

Lookin for the best multi-effects pedal for guitar? The Boss GT-1 multi-fx guitar pedal is a versatile effects pedal packed with features and is one you need to check out. If you're a gigging guitar player you'll love how portable the fx unit and how little floor space it takes up.

You'll get virtually any sound you want from the GT-1 - from beautiful acoustic simulation, clean electric tones, punchy rock sounds, to face melting distortion. Download the free ready to use patches from BOSS Tone Central to get playing straight out the box.

Because the Boss GT-1 guitar fx unit is a compact lightweight amp modeling/effects pedal that not only sounds fantastic but is cheaper than it ought to be, you'd be off your rocker not to snap this guy up.

Tech Spec Highlights

  • 108 preset effects
  • 24-bit converters and BOSS's proprietary Adaptive Focus method offer excellent sound quality
  • AC or 4 AA batteries (up to 7 hours) provides flexibility for any performing situation

Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Vox-SL2-front

Are you a metal head? Jazzer? Rock God? The Vox Stomplab IIG has 100 preset sounds you can have fun with no matter what genre you're into playing. With a built in tuner and 120 memory slots being just a few features of the Stomplab, it can be both battery and mains powered also.

This compact pedal has wah, compression, octaver, acoustic simulation and ring modulation to name a few effects. The 44 amp emulations, 18 drives and 12 cabinets mean small doesn't have to mean limited anymore when it comes to guitar multi-effects pedals.

You can use the Stomplab IIG as a desktop processor or floor pedal due to it's portable dimensions. And let's be honest, that VOX expression pedal on the unit looks the business.

Tech Spec Highlights

  • 100 preset style programs such as rock, blues, metal, and pop and 103 types of modeling effects.
  • FX include 8 x Pedal FX, 18 x Drive, 9 x Modulation, 8 x Delay, 3 x Reverb
  • 44 x Amp Models, 12 x Cabinet Models

best multi effects fx pedal guitar zoom

The Zoom MS-50G is the smallest of our Top 5 multi-effects pedals. Zoom say it's "the first of it's kind" to put a multi-effects processor into a tiny stompbox unit.

Think of it like you're getting 100 effects for the price of one. Pretty cool. With effects ranging from modulation, distortion, pitch shift and delay the MS-50G is a versatile little guy.

The big LCD display makes the Zoom a piece of cake to use and with the 3 control knobs that also double as buttons, each effect actually feels like an individual pedal.

If you're on a budget and want to man-up your guitar tones, this pedal is for you.

Tech Spec Highlights

  • 55 effects types inc 47 stomp box effects, 8 amp models can be used in any combination
  • Create and store up to 50 of your original patches
  • Up to seven hours of operation using two AA batteries (included), AC (adapter sold separately)

best guitar multi effects pedal multi fx

Are you a guitar player who plays with backing tracks, a metronome, or other musicians? The Digitech Trio Band Creator will be right up your street then. Intuitive to use and sturdy in build quality The TRIO+ is a guitar fx pedal that automatically comes up with bass and drum parts that match your playing and song style.

Simply plug the pedal into your guitar amp or speaker of choice and get layering up to 5 song part tracks and get writing your next masterpiece.

The Digitech Trio is ideal for solo bedroom guitar players and guitar players who perform live as it sounds equally great through headphones or blasting out of a PA system.

Tech Spec Highlights

  • Up to 12 songs along with loops can be stored to the TRIO+'s Micro SD Card (included)
  • Optional DigiTech FS3X Footswitch can be connected to the TRIO+'s Control In jack for additional hands free control 
  • Plays Bass & Drums to Match Your Guitar - 12 genres (with 12 styles per genre), including Rock, Metal and Jazz

best guitar fx multi effects pedal Boss ME-80 Multi-Effects Pedal

With its endless combination of quality sounds the Boss ME-80 multi effects pedal is one of the best multi-effect pedal units on the market.

This powerful effects unit has long been the pedal of choice for both live and recording use and features 36 User, 36 Factory Presets, 59 Effects and multiple COSM Amp Models for you to choose from.

If the in-built patches aren't enough for you, there's a ton more to download online. Another top feature is you edit and organize tones in your computer using the BOSS Tone Studio software. 

The Boss ME-80 makes it possible for you to ditch your amp and head, plug straight into a DAW (for recording) or mixing desk (for live) the sounds are so realistic.  

Tech Spec Highlights

  • 8 foot-switches and an expression pedal
  • Phrase Loop function with 38 seconds of delay time
  • Preamp section uses the latest COSM technology found in their flagship GT-100 multi fx pedal
  • 9V DC power supply (sold separately)

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