Best Multi-Effects Pedals for Guitar: Top 5 (You’ll Sound Epic) – 2018 –


Best Multi-Effects Pedals for Guitar: Top 5 (You'll Sound Epic) - 2018 -

What are the best guitar multi-effects pedals out there for you? Whether you're a beginner guitar player or an experienced gigging guitarist, a multi-effects pedal is one of the best types of effects pedal you could own. Why?

Because these handy effects processors are your all in one guitar fx pedal solution. Want a distortion pedal, delay pedal, chorus pedal and tons of different amp sounds but don't want to spend a fortune (or buy a pedal board the size of a snooker table)? 

Your solution; get a multi-effects pedal. Whether you want more memory presets then you can shake a stick at, or you crave a multi-effects with a USB input, you're highly likely to find the pedal of your dreams in this here list. Let's get to 'em then...

The Digitech RP360X multi-fx guitar pedal is a versatile effects pedal packed with features. The sturdy metal pedal packs in over 125 effects including 74 stompbox sounds, 32 amps and 18 cabinets.

You'll get any sound you want from the RP360. From beautiful acoustic simulation, clean electric, punchy rock sounds, to face melting distortion. And DigiTech's free preset editor and librarian software could not be simpler to use either thanks to the intuitive LCD interface.

40-second looper, expression pedal, built-in tuner, headphone jack, Sound Check and 60 built-in drum tracks, there is easily just enough here to keep you happy and busy for a long time.

Because the RP360X is a compact lightweight amp modeling/effects pedal that not only sounds fantastic but is cheaper than it ought to be, you'd be off your rocker not to snap this guy up.

Tech Spec

Average PriceMid
Memory99 slots
PowerPS0913DC Adaptor (INCLUDED)
BatteriesDC only
USB inputYes
ConnectionsStereo 1/4" Output Stereo 1/8" headphone output Stereo 1/8" Aux Input Amp / Mixer mode optimizes 1/4" amps & mixer outs
Size9.125" x 15.188" x 2.625"
Weight5lbs / 2.26kg

You'll love: The added bonus of DigiTech’s free preset editor and librarian software.

You might not dig: A few users have commented that some of the control buttons are on the small side whilst others say they're easy to use. You decide...

Digitech RP60 Demo Video

Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Vox-SL2-front
Guitar Multi Effects Vox-SL2-back

Are you a metal head? Jazzer? Rock God? The Vox Stomplab IIG has 100 preset sounds you can have fun with no matter what genre you're into playing. With a built in tuner and 120 memory slots being just a few features of the Stomplab, it can be both battery and mains powered also.

This compact pedal has wah, compression, octaver, acoustic simulation and ring modulation to name a few effects. The 44 amp emulations, 18 drives and 12 cabinets mean small doesn't have to mean limited anymore when it comes to guitar muti-effects pedals.

You can use the Stomplab IIG as a desktop processor or floor pedal due to it's portable dimensions. And lets be honest, that VOX expression pedal on the unit looks the business.

Tech Spec

Average PriceLow
Memory20 slots
PowerDC 9V AC Adaptor (NOT included)
BatteriesAA x 4 (Included)
USB inputNo
ConnectionsOUTPUT/PHONES (Stereo Standard) Input - 1 x 1/4" Output - 1 x1/4"
SizeH 2.24″ W 5.7″ D 4.9″
Weight1.71lbs / 0.78kg

You'll love: Not just from use in your amp, the single output will also drive a set of stereo headphones for silent practice.

You might not dig: The 20 user preset slots may or may no be enough for your needs.

Vox SL2G Demo Video

Guitar Effects Pedal Zoom-ms-50g-back

The Zoom MS-50G is the smallest of our Top 5 multi-effects pedals. Zoom say it's "the first of it's kind" to put a multi-effects processor into a tiny stompbox unit.

Think of it like you're getting 100 effects for the price of one. Pretty cool. With effects ranging from modulation, distortion, pitch shift and delay the MS-50G is a versatile little guy.

The big LCD display makes the Zoom a piece of cake to use and with the 3 control knobs that also double as buttons, each effect actually feels like an individual pedal.

If you're on a budget and want to man-up your guitar tones, this pedal is for you.

Tech Spec

Average PriceLow
Memory50 slots
PowerDC 9V AC Adaptor (NOT included)
BatteriesAA x 2 (Included)
USB inputYes
ConnectionsInput jack - 1 x 1/4" Output - 2 x1/4"
SizeH 2.3″ W 3.0″ D 5.1″
Weight0.77lbs / 0.34kg

You'll Love: How each of the 50 storage slots allows you to chain up to 5 effects. Your own mini pedal board or what?

You might not dig: The high gain distortion & overdrive sounds can produce a little too much noise for comfort when pushed. We suggest simply watching the gain and/or volume on your amp to control unwanted racket.

Zoom MS-50G Demo Video

Are you a gigging guitarist, or planning to be in the future? The Digitech RP500 is aimed at you then. With solid cast metal body, the build quality on this multi-effects unit is sturdy. 

The 9 robust metal selector switches and expression pedal along with the clear LED display make switching through sounds easy as pie. With a huge 18 distortion sounds alone,  you're sure to find the right tone to fit for your playing needs. 

More of a tweaker? Knock yourself out and have a blast creating your own unique sounds too. If you record in a home studio much you'll be pleased to know the RP500 has USB audio streaming and comes with Steinberg Cubase LE4 software to boot.

Tech Spec

Average PriceMid
Modelsamp & cabinet models, 5 stompboxes
Memory100 slots
PowerPS0913B Adaptor (INCLUDED)
USB inputYes x 2
ConnectionsHeadphone outs, XLR In and Outs, 2 x1/4" Outs, 1/8" CD/MP3 Input
SizeH 2.25″ W 19.5″ D 8.75″
Weight6.6lbs / 2.99kg
Sample Rate24 bit 44.1kHz

You'll love: Getting a professional sounding multi-fx pedal at a price that won't empty your wallet.

You might not dig: A few users have complained that the free Cubase LE4 software is a pain to install.

Digitech RP500 Demo Video


I'm not going to lie: the Boss GT-100 may be out of some peoples price range, but serious quality is never gonna cost peanuts.

This powerful effects unit has long been the pedal of choice for both live and recording use. The newly revamped GT-100 has advanced COSM amps, 400 sound patches, looper, 26 amp simulations, tuner, metronome and more.

If the in-built patches aren't enough for you, there's a ton more to download online. Another top feature is you can put together any combination of amp and effect you desire with the intuitive Boss EZ Tone feature. 

The Boss GT-100 makes it possible to ditch your amp and head, plug straight into a DAW (for recording) or mixing desk (for live) the sounds are so realistic and first class.  

Tech Spec

Average PriceUpper
Memory200 slots
PowerDC 9V AC Adaptor (INCLUDED)
USB inputYes. Plus MIDI I/O
ConnectionsIns -1 x Instrument, 1 x TRS Male 1/8" (aux), Footswitch Outs - 2 x 1/4" Main, 1 x TRS 1/4" Headphones
SizeH 4.0″ W 21.3″ D 10.68″
Weight10.6lbs / 4.8kg
Sample Rate24 bit 44.1kHz

You'll love: The money you're saving on buying all those individual much-loved BOSS pedals; They're all in here! (along with the 100's of other sounds and amp models.) Doesn't seem pricey when you think of it like that does it?

You might not dig: The small interface may not be everyone's cup of tea. Also, don't go for this unit if you're the sort of person who finds programming your Tivo box a challenge.

Boss GT-100 Demo Video

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