Is This The Best Prince Solo You'll EVER Hear? You Decide...

One of the greatest guitar players that ever lived.

It's a bold claim that one. No matter what style of music you dig, any true music lover would agree that the world of music was a darker place on April 21st 2016.

This was the day Prince Rogers Nelson passed away, taking with him a musical legacy.  Prince didn't only have a vocal range to die for, he had jaw-dropping multi-instrumentalist skills and fantastic songwriting prowess.

He played guitar like an absolute beast.

He shredded out some of the most inventive solo's you'll hear. He had the feel and technique most guitar players could only dream about developing. Many even say he was to the 80's what legend Jimi Hendrix was to the 60's on guitar.

Don't just take our word for it. Fellow guitar virtuoso Stevie Vai was reported to have said his mind was blown and he "almost died' after hearing Prince cover his song "Tender Surrender".

People are saying over on Youtube that this video shows one of Prince's best guitar solos ever. You listen. You decide.

Have your say - share with the rest of us why you think it is or isn't one of the best Prince solo's ever in the comments below.

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