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10 Best Studio Chairs For Musicians | Setup Ideas

Save your bad back, prevent a sore neck, and get perfect posture by getting the perfect comfortable, yet cool looking chair for your music studio or office space.

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Best Studio Chairs For Recording Office Musicians Producers Best Ergonomic Chairs For Bad Back Lumbar Support

Back and neck pain is no laughing matter.

It's downright frustrating in fact. Having the correct chair in your studio or office can not only reduce existing aches and pains, but eliminate potential future damage too.

So if you're looking for the best way to relieve back pain, you can't put it off any longer - you need to invest in a good quality ergonomic studio chair.

Sitting is the new smoking

You know how it goes, by nature us musicians producers and engineers tend to lose track of time when working on a project in the studio.

Before you know it, you've been sat down in a chair for hours on end at a time. This slowly and steadily leads to poor posture and nagging aches & pains. 

Add on top of that, there are the long hours spent sat in a car or tour van travelling between gigs.

The perfect storm for creating back and neck pain.

To help you become pain free and more productive at work and play, We've found 10 of the best ergonomic and lumbar support chairs for you to look at.

Don't scrimp on this one. Remember - buy cheap, buy twice. Once you invest in a good quality studio chair, you'll wonder why you waited so long.

" Don't scrimp on a good quality studio chair - buy cheap, buy twice"

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No matter how good the chair...

Before we dive into the list of the best ergonomic chairs for studio use I feel I need to share this with you:

As a sufferer of chronic intermittent back pain caused by a horse riding accident many years ago, I'm no stranger to the frustration of back, neck and derriere pain.

So, whilst getting a good quality studio chair is one crucial step you have to take to help you start to beat back pain and posture issues, there are some other top tips I want you to know that have helped me personally (and trust me, I've tried the lot!):

(Disclaimer - I am not a health or medical professional, tips given from extensive research & own personal opinion & experience only. Always seek professional medical advice for serious pain.)

5 Tips To Reduce Back Pain (Sitting) At Work

1. Take regular breaks from sitting - stand and stretch to release muscle tension at least every 30 minutes

2. Be mindful of your posture - don't slouch, have both feet flat on the floor, don't hunch your neck down or up - look straight at your screen

3. Try alternative pain relief products  - good suggestions include massager Shiatsu pillowshand-held massagersmuscle relief gelsTENS machine

4. Find the right exercises & stretches - we're all individual, what stretch works for one person may not be so effective for you. Consider seeing a physio, osteopath, or massage therapist for professional guidance.

5. Keep a positive attitude - chronic aches and pains caused by poor posture and sitting at your desk all day can get you down. I feel you. Keep positive and proactive by following the above steps, and you'll soon be feeling a difference!

1. Best Overall: Angel Queen Ergonomic Desk Chair with Retractable Footrest

Best Studio Chair For Musicians Bad Back Good Posture Office ANGEL QUEEN Ergonomic Office Desk Chair High Back Mesh Desk Footrest

This chair is a special one with a unique clever feature - a retractable footrest. Perfect for sitting back with you feet up having a listen to your mix or watching a video during your lunch break. 

The Angel Queen ergonomic studio chair features integrated lumbar support and adjustable headrest. And thanks to it's super comfy memory foam seat, it won't go flat and uncomfortable after a months use.

No more sitting hunched at your computer with this guy thanks to the high back design and which can recline from 90°to 135°. If you're old studio chair is starting to give you backache, make the smart choice and check out this strong contender.

2. Office Hippo High Back Executive Chair

Best Studio Chair For Musicians Bad Back Good Posture Office Hippo 2020 High Back Executive Chair Headrest

The Office Hippo High Back Executive Chair comes fully loaded with the usual ergonomic chair suspects; headrest, height adjustable arms, sliding seat.

Because during most of your studio time you'll be sat in front of a computer screen writing, recording or mixing, you'll love the all important lumbar support this chair offers.

The swivel Hippo Executive Chair comes with either blue or black breathable mesh finish, and with its contemporary white frame design will look cool in any home or pro music studio setup.

Users of the chair have reported that after a few days use their aches and pains dwindled dramatically. Rockin'.

3. WMHJK Computer Padded Mesh Chair

Best Studio Chair For Musicians Bad Back Good Posture Office WMHJK Computer Office Chair,

If you're sick of your bad back or aching butt and crave a chair that keeps you supported but also looks good in your work space, the adjustable executive WMHJK chair is worth your attention.

A great choice for those of you who aren't a fan of headrests, this studio chair is functional and beautifully simple.

There isn't an adjustable lumbar support system, but the clever mid-back design is made to support the natural curve of your spine helping you to sit straight and achieve good posture whilst you sit working at your desk.

Complete with a tilt adjustable back rest, this office chair is easy to assemble and comes in four tasty colour options of green, orange, grey and black.

4. Noblechairs EPIC Lumbar Support Desk Chair

Best Chair To Reduce Back Neck Pain Studio Music 4. Noblechairs EPIC Lumbar Support Desk Chair

Because the right ergonomic studio chair can help you get rid of back pain without the need for popping strong pain killers day and night, there's no price you should put on your comfort and health.

With that in mind, whilst the Noblechairs EPIC office chair is fairly pricey, the luxury PU Faux leather upholstered seat is sure to make long sessions sat at the computer a pleasure instead of a chore.

Colour choices include black, black/pink, black/green, and black/red. Whilst the leather material adds that touch of class, if you live in a particularly hot part of the world, you may want to opt for a chair made from mesh which is more breathable (see our next chair recommendation).

The position of the cushions on the EPIC can be adjusted without you having to get up, and the height adjustable armrest and smooth rocking mechanism make this quality studio chair worth every penny.

5. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

Best Studio Chair For Musicians Bad Back Good Posture SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

Recommended by the Ergonomics Application Association, the clever ergonomic design of this slick and modern looking office chair from SIHOO is designed to release spinal pressure. That's good news for your back.

The smooth rolling castors make moving around your monitors to listen to your mix from different perspectives easy. And as you'd expect from a chair made to protect your neck and spine, the hight, arms, back, waist support, and headrest are all adjustable. 

Thanks to the durable strong polymer mesh seat, back and headrest, the chair is super breathable, meaning no more sweaty long studio sessions in the height of summer.  

Users have reported that the chair is easy and quick to assemble, with clear concise English instructions making the SHIOO office chair hit the spot when it comes to both price and comfort.

6. Best For Guitarists: SONGMICS Office Chair with Flip-Up Armrest

Best Studio Chair For Musicians Bad Back Good Posture Office SONGMICS Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest Flip Arms

Perfect for guitar players this highly affordable studio chair from SONGMICS not only has an adjustable headrest, but flip-up armrests too.

At last - finally musicians can sit down and play without having to perch on the end of a chair getting your guitar knocked about by jutting out arms.

Not the most premium or sexy looking studio chair in our list, but with it's adjustable features and modest price tag, it's certainly worth a look.

7. Italian Leather Lounge Chair With Ottoman Armchair Recliner

Best Studio Chair For Musicians Bad Back Good Posture Recliner Lounge Chair HOMCOMREAL ITALIAN LEATHER LOUNGE CHAIR

This classic 1956 design Lounge chair is the ultimate chill-out and take 5 chair every studio needs. Every bit as comfortable as it is stylish, If you've got the cash to spend and want a conversation piece in your studio, look no further.

Picture yourself kicking back listening to your mix at the back of your studio, the smell of the 100% real Italian leather, the feel of the soft padded seat on your work weary body, your back relaxing into the comfortable curvature of the backrest.

All you have to do now is decide if you want to go for a walnut finish or a rosewood finish.

8. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair 

Best Studio Chair For Musicians Bad Back Good Posture Ergonomic Kneeling Chair with Back Support Orthopedic

Ever tried a kneeling chair? You'd be surprised if you haven't at how much they can help you improve your posture and ease chronic back pain, all thanks to the angled seat.

Unlike other kneeling chairs this orthopaedic kneeling chair from DRAGONN features a handy backrest. The seat and backrest are made with thick padded cushions making it comfier than you'd expect.

Fair warning, this chair isn't for everyone. If you're prone to knee pain, give it a miss. Some users have reported the pressure on their knees was uncomfortable, whilst others gushed that the chair fixed their poor posture, hip and back pain.

It's worth a try. You may just discover the ultimate chair you've been waiting your whole life for. Dramatic I know, but just give it a look yeah?

Also consider: Hironpal Ergonomic Kneeling Natural Birch Wood Chair | available in 3 colours 

9. JL Comfurni Office Chair Faux Leather Funky Pink Colour

Best Studio Chair For Musicians Bad Back Good Posture Office JL Comfurni Office Chair Faux Leather Swivel Office Chairs For Girls Females Funky Colour

After a cool looking office chair perfect for women and girls who love a bit of pink action? Look no further than the JL Comfurni.

Don't let the girly look fool you, this chair is sturdy, easy to assemble and has a 360 ° swivel height adjustable seat. Easy to maneuver, the chair is a great inexpensive choice for extra client seats in you studio, office, or salon.

Don't expect knockout orthopedic ergonomic support with this chair, do expect a surprisingly comfy cheap chair that screams fun and funky.

After funky cheap chairs? Also consider: Office Essentials Quilted Chair | Purple, orange, green, pink

10. Office Hippo Professional 24 Hours High Back Office Chair

Best Studio Chair For Musicians Recording Mixing Studio Bad Back Good Posture office hippo Professional 24 Hours High Back Office Chair

If you're looking for the best studio chair for mixing and recording with adjustable ergonomic and orthopaedic features, set your peepers on the Office Hippo Professional 24 Hour Chair.

It has a well built, heavy duty orthopaedic design set up to help you take long hours sitting at the computer. You'll be rocking backwards and forwards listening back to the last take thanks to the independent seat and back recline action.

Other notable features include 2D adjustable armrests & seat, ratchet height adjustable backrest (perfect for taller dudes), tiltable torsion control and seat tilt.

This may not be the most exciting looking chair, but when it ticks the boxes for all round ergonomic chair support.

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