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1 - Which best describes your/the learners guitar playing experience?

a) Total beginner
b) I know bits and bobs
c) Intermediate
d) Advanced, I rock!

2 - Which best describes your/learners age bracket?

a) Teenager
b) Adult

3 - What guitar(s) do you have?

a) Acoustic
b) Electric
c) Both
d) Non yet, I need advice

4 - What times & days can you do your lesson?

 (*Please note I have no available slots post 4:30pm and I don't teach on weekends.)

a) Mornings
b) Afternoons
c) I'm flexible

5 - Big or small, what are a few of your goals with your guitar playing that you want lessons to help you achieve?


a) To be able to play songs to a good standard all the way through
b) To improve my technique and form
c) To improve my rhythm and timing
d) To understand music theory & how to apply it
e) To be confident enough to play live, e.g. an open mic night

Important: I always reply to every email inquiry I receive. If you don't get a reply within 48 hours it means I won't have seen your message, so please drop me a text (number below).

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Text: 077384 33629

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