Guitar Fretboard Diagram: (12 & 24 Fret Charts)

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Guitar Fretboard Diagram (Printable Fretboard PDF)

FREE Guitar fretboard notes chart for beginners, showing all neck notes with 12 & 24 frets 

Guitar Fretboard Diagram Chart Pdf Printable Notes
  • An excerpt from Tiff Bryan's popular guitar music theory book 'Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory: For Beginners'
  • Learn all the guitar fretboard notes including natural notes + accidental sharps (#) and flats ()
  • FREE printable guitar fretboard diagram PDF

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Learning the notes on the fretboard is crucial for guitar players of all levels.

You can't get away from the fact that there's only so much you can learn on guitar before you hit a brick wall if you try to dodge this important part of guitar music theory.

So just for you, we have not just one - but three guitar fretboard diagrams coming right up.

The Guitar Fretboard Diagram: All Notes

Here's a diagram of the guitar fretboard up to fret twelve showing all natural notes, plus the sharp (#) and flat (♭) notes:

Guitar fretboard diagram notes chart for beginners how to learn the acoustic fretboard

The brightly coloured notes (A-B-C-D-E-F-G) are called natural notes and the black notes are  sharp(#) and flat (♭) notes.

It probably hasn't slipped your attention that the black notes have two names, and it's for this reason they're also called enharmonic notes.

In music 'enharmonic' means a note with two names that sound the same.

Take the F#/Gb note on the 2nd fret of the lower E string for example. Because the note is a semitone higher (sharper) in pitch from the F note, it is turned into a F#, however because it is also technically one semitone lower (flatter) than the G note, it is also called a Gb.

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The Guitar Fretboard Diagram: Natural Notes

Below is a diagram of the guitar fretboard notes showing all natural notes only. If you're beginner guitar player wondering how to learn the notes on the fretboard, start by breaking it down. Digest the natural notes before tackling the sharp and flat in-between notes.

Guitar fretboard diagram Natural notes chart for beginners how to learn the acoustic fretboard

The Guitar Fretboard Diagram: All Notes Over 24 Frets

Below is a chart showing the guitar fretboard diagram over 24 frets. The natural notes and sharp or flat notes are illustrated. The octave notes are highlighted on the open, 12th and 24th frets.

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Pro Tip: Don't let the 24 fret diagram frazzle your brain - all of the notes from fret 12-24 are simply the same as the notes between the open string and fret 12. They are simply an octave higher in pitch.

free 24 fret guitar fretboard diagram poster electric notes theory

Summing It Up

There you have it. Not one, but three fretboard diagrams showing you all the notes on the guitar. It's easy to feel disheartened and  overwhelmed when you first look at a fretboard chart, but don't worry too much. Break it down and start by memorising the notes on the lower 6th string to start with.

To get a more in depth understanding of the best way to go about memorizing the notes on the fretboard, read our how to learn the fretboard guide here.