How to Use a Loop Pedal (Top 5 Tips + Best Looper to Buy)

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How to Use a Loop Pedal (Top 5 Tips + Best Looper to Buy)

Discover what a loop effects pedal does, how to use it, & which ones are best for guitarists, bassists & more

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Q: What do you call a guitarist who’s not interested in effects pedals?
A: Rare.

One of the most popular and intriguing effects pedals for guitarists of all styles is a looper (also known as loop pedal). There is one small catch, though; they’re not the easiest pedals to use if you’re new to them. If you’ve had a go at laying down phrases on a looper, you know what we’re talking about - timing issues, anyone?

In this guide, we share the top 5 tips for how you can become confident at using a loop fx pedal; plus, we show you 5 of the best looper models available right now to get your mitts on.

So if you’re wondering how you can use a looper pedal in your guitar playing, or maybe you want to know which looper pedal has tons of features to add to your pedalboard, keep reading.

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