8 Left Handed Beginner Guitar Chords | We Love Lefties (+ Charts)

Easy left handed guitar chords - leftie chord charts and diagrams to make your life easy

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Left handed beginner guitar chord charts beginners chords poster

Are you a left handed guitar player frustrated at guitar chord charts always being for righties only?

We got you!

In this post we have some easy beginner left handed guitar chord charts for you that'll take the headache out of learning to play guitar. There's also handy practice tips below the chord charts too.

The practice tips will help you get the most out of your practice time and banish slow, messy sounding chord changes for good.

Let's get to 'em.

PROPER PRACTICE! Make a commitment to practice the chords daily. You might also like our FREE left handed fretboard chart PDF.

#1. Left Handed E Major Chord

E Major left handed guitar chord chart Beginner

#2. Left Handed E minor Chord

E minor left handed guitar chord chart Beginner

#3. Left Handed A Major Chord

A Major left handed guitar chord chart Beginner

#4. Left Handed A minor Chord

A minor left handed guitar chord chart Beginner

#5. Left Handed D Major Chord

D Major left handed guitar chord chart Beginner

#6. Left Handed D minor Chord

D Major chord diagram FREE left handed guitar chord chart easy chords

#7. Left Handed C Major Chord

C Major chord left handed guitar chord PDF free

#8. Left Handed G Major Chord

G Major chord chart  left handed guitar chord chart Beginner

Reading guitar chord charts 

The numbers in the circles show what finger you should use to fret the string:

1 = 1st (index) finger
2 = 2nd (middle) finger
3 = 3rd (ring) finger
4 = 4th little (pinky) finger

x = don't play the string
o = open string

Avoid a common beginner (and self-taught) guitar player mistake - stick to the same chord fingerings. You will build muscle memory quicker.

Left Handed Guitar Chords Chart Poster

Left-handed easy beginner guitar chords diagram for lefties. Featuring the most important common open chord and barre chord guitar shapes.

Downloadable music prints that make your time learning guitar easier...

Chord Charts Include:
[] Major chords
[] Minor chords
[] Seventh chords
[] Easy open chord shapes
[] Barre chord shapes
[] CAGED guitar chords

Left Handed Guitar Chords Chart Poster FREE
Beginner Left Handed Guitar Chords PDF Chart

Chord practice tips

Here are some of the best beginner guitar player tips for practicing chord changes which will help you get them faster and cleaner:

1. Memorise the chord name with the shape. This makes learning songs quicker.

2. Good technique should always be your primary goal.

3. Practice till the chords are 100% mute and buzz free.

4. Press your finger down with the correct pressure.

5. Curve your fingers to avoid muting other strings.

6. Press the string with the tips of your fingers keeping clear of the metal fret. Do not go 'as close to the fret as possible' as some advise, this only increases the chance of you muting the note.

7. Lightly grip your thumb around the neck by fret 2 (keeping it low down isn't useful as it reduces your grip & control when changing between open chords.)

8. Practice changing between pairs of chords and other chord combinations with a metronome.

9. Record yourself practicing to quickly fix errors & measure your improvement.

10. Perfect chord changes take time. Be patient and persistent.