Left-Handed Guitar Fretboard Charts: (FREE PDF Printables)

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Left Handed Guitar Fretboard Chart (Printable Fretboard PDF)

FREE Leftie Guitar fretboard notes diagram for beginners, showing all neck notes with 12 & 24 frets 

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Left Handed Guitar Fretboard Chart Free PDF Printable
  • Left handed guitar fretboard charts printable posters in high res: adapted from Tiff Bryan's popular guitar music theory book 'Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory: For Beginners'
  • Learn all the guitar fretboard notes including natural notes + accidental sharps (#) and flats ()

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Are you a leftie who is fed up of guitar fretboard and chord charts not being left handed?

We feel your pain.

So because learning the notes on the guitar fretboard is so important, we've got two FREE printable left handed guitar fretboard chart for you.

There's a 12 fret left handed guitar fretboard chart download, plus a 24 fret left handed guitar fretboard chart.

The Guitar Fretboard Diagram: 12 Frets 

In this leftie fretboard diagram of the guitar fretboard, all natural notes, plus the sharp (#) and flat (♭) notes are illustrated:

Did You Know: There are just over 3 octaves on the first 12 frets of a six stringed guitar?

(Note: The PDF download fretboard charts are in high 300DPI resolution, so are perfect to get printed as a poster for your wall)

left handed 12 fret guitar fretboard diagram poster chart notes electric acoustic

The coloured notes (A-B-C-D-E-F-G) are natural notes and the black notes are  sharp(#) and flat (♭) accidental notes.

The Guitar Fretboard Diagram: 24 Frets

Below is a chart showing the guitar fretboard in a left-handed orientation over 24 frets. The natural notes and sharp or flat notes are illustrated. 

(PDF download below) 

Did You Know: A 24 fret guitar fretboard has 150 notes, of which 12 are unique and repeated over 4 octaves? The 4 octaves stretch from the open low E string to the 24th fret on the top E string.

left handed 24 fret guitar fretboard diagram poster chart notes electric acoustic

Summing It Up

Left handed guitar players, I know you can be made to feel left out sometimes (nice pun there!)

So with all guitar charts being for righties and getting some personal requests from visitors to the website, I thought it was high time I create some leftie charts for you guys. 

Be sure to stay tuned for more left handed guitar charts and diagrams coming your way soon.

To get a more in depth understanding of the best way to go about memorizing the notes on the fretboard, read our how to learn the fretboard guide here.

Left Handed Guitar Chords Chart Poster

Left-handed easy beginner guitar chords diagram for lefties. Featuring the most important common open chord and barre chord guitar shapes.

Downloadable music prints that make your time learning guitar easier...

Chord Charts Include:
[] Major chords
[] Minor chords
[] Seventh chords
[] Easy open chord shapes
[] Barre chord shapes
[] CAGED guitar chords

Left Handed Guitar Chords Chart Poster FREE
Beginner Left Handed Guitar Chords PDF Chart