Lesson Terms & Conditions


Hi there, my soon to be new pupil!

I like to be 100% transparent with all my guys and gals about my few lesson T's&C's before you come for your first lesson with me. Nothing scary, just the usual stuff. I'll usually give you a print out copy to keep also.

1. Lesson Payments

a) Lessons are to be paid for on the day of booking & future lessons to be paid for in advance before they begin to secure the time slot you want so no other pupil can book it. 

(For example, if paying for a block booked 4 Lesson Saver Pack, payment for the next 4 Pack to be made in advance on lesson 4 of 4, not on the day of the next lesson.)

b) I do not offer refunds. Once lessons are paid for they are non-refundable, regardless of reason. 

2. Block Booked Lessons Vs Pay-as-you-go

a) Block booked lessons are generously discounted and are offered to pupils who are going to take regular lessons (e.g. weekly or bi-weekly). 

Choosing the Pay-As-You-Go payment choice rather than block booking is your best option if you're initially unsure of committing to lessons or plan to have long gaps between each one.

To avoid a backlog of bookings and to ensure I can still fit you in, discounted block booked lessons are valid for a month and a half. This simply means if there is longer than a 6 week gap between you taking your last lesson, payment is due again. (If the gap is due to me being away, of course, those periods wouldn’t count.)

Please note - This doesn’t mean you must take all block booked lessons within 6 weeks, it just means please have no longer than a six-week gap between each lesson, otherwise my diary may be full and I can’t guarantee I will still have availability.

b) In the event of a Covid-type lockdown lessons will temporarily move to Skype. All pupils happily reported they enjoyed Skype as an alternative during 2020-2021 lockdowns.

3. Cancellation Policy

If you give me more than 48 hrs notice of a scheduled lesson cancellation, you will not be charged. If however I have less than 48 hrs notice you will still be charged in full regardless of reason. 

This is because I currently have students on a waiting list specifically for the high demand afternoon/evening lessons, so please understand if a lesson is cancelled with short notice (including the day before) I am not able to fill the slot as people often have pre-made plans.

This not only means other students lose out on their chance of a lesson, but I loose the lesson fee. Sad times. 

Please note - I will try my best to fit you in another slot that week if I have one available for you to swap to. This unfortunatly may often not be posssible because my lesson slots are usually booked up a few weeks in advance.

4. Best Way to Inform Me Of a Cancellation

Please text me to let me know of a cancellation. I usually can't take calls in the day as I'm teaching. Email is fine if it's more than 2-3 days before the scheduled lesson, but I might not get your message in time otherwise. I'll let you know as soon as I've received your cancellation message, if I don't, it means I haven't received it so please text or call me!

5. Arriving for Your First Lesson

I can't open the door till the time of your scheduled lesson as I will still be teaching the guy or gal before you. Drop me a text to let me know you've arrived in the car park and I'll be right out on the hour or half hour of our booking. My teaching room is at the top of the white staircase.

Phew. That's the formal stuff out the way, now let's get to the fun playing guitar and making sweet music part.

I really look forward to meeting you!

(P.S. Be sure to check out some of the articles handpicked especially for you from the website before you go which are listed underneath...)

Tiff. 🙂

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