Major Key Chord Notes Notes Chart (Diatonic Triads)

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Major Key Chord Notes Chart (Diatonic Triads)

Music theory: handy chord reference chart showing the notes in all diatonic major key triads

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Notes in chords chart major key triad notes table PDF beginner guitar lesson

  • The chord notes in the 12 major scale key signatures: major triads, minor triads and diminished triads.
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Do you play guitar? Does the idea of figuring out the key a song is in and what chords it contains without tablature or chord sheets seem daunting? 

Because It's not always that straightforward to work out a song key even when you know some music theory, use our chord note reference chart below to help you out.

Our chart shows you:

  • all the chords in every major key signature
  • the notes in all major scale diatonic triads; major chords, minor chords, and diminished.
  • The Roman numerals used for each chord degree. Uppercase capital letters represent major chords and lowercase represent minor chords. The 'vii°' symbol represents the diminished triad.
  • How to figure out what chords sound good together so you can start writing your own songs.
major key notes in chords chart table

I-IV-V = The 1-4-5 major chord degrees

ii-iii-vi = The 2-3-6 minor chord degrees

vii° = The 7th diminished chord degree

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- Diminished - Half Diminished
- Dominant seventh
- Major 9th / minor 9th / dom 9th
- Maj11th / minor 11th / dom 11th
- Maj13th / minor 13th / dom 13th

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Jazz Guitar Chords Chart Poster | Chord Charts Diagram Digital Download | Printable Music Theory
Jazz Guitar Chords Chart Poster | Chord Charts Diagram Digital Download | Printable Music Theory

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