Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory: The No 1 Complete Beginner Guitar Theory Book


easy Peasy Beginner Guitar Theory Book Mock Up Front Cover
  • Music theory doesn’t have to be complicated! No hard to understand mumbo jumbo - just 100% essential music theory all guitar players must know
  • Beginner and Improver guitar players: Discover the simple methods that'll help you understand and easily apply the music theory you'll learn
  • You're in safe hands: Written by pro session guitarist & tutor Tammy-Tiff B (Yourguitarbrain.com founder)

Finally, a music theory book for guitar players that actually is 100% beginner friendly! I loved the colourful illustrations, easy to understand writing style & printable bonus sheets.

Dave Thompson - Guitar player for 18 months

Available in download and print on Amazon soon. 
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I'm a 61 year old & own quite a few guitar books. The bits of music theory I knew always confused me. Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory has helped me fill in a lot of the gaps. Seriously, buy this book if you value your sanity Lol!

John Evans - Guitar player for 12+ years

Here's a taster of what you'll learn

Learn the Guitar Fretboard

Memorise the notes on the fretboard by using some simple steps that help you quickly unlock the musical roadmap.

Work Out Your Favourite Songs By Ear

Learn what chords sound good together, how to change key smoothly, and the sneaky methods great players use to work out songs quickly by ear.

Improve Your technique

Discover how learning the correct economic strumming and picking techniques help you to apply music theory & rapidly improve your guitar playing.

G major guitar chord chart best beginner music theory book

Learn How Chords Are Created

You'll discover why knowing chord formulas such as 1-3-5 will arm you with the knowledge you need to upgrade your skills & become fluent on guitar.

Insider Pro Guitarist Tips & Tricks

Even the most unconfident and nervous bedroom guitar player can use pro methods & techniques that make the learning process easier.

Musical Intervals

Discover how understanding the building blocks of chords, scales, & melody will help you navigate the fretboard with ease and play effortlessly.

Learn The Importance of Scales

Learn how to play the Major Scale, Minor scale, Minor Pentatonic, Major Pentatonic, Blues & more. All laid out in easy to read diagrams & tablature.

Learn How To Solo and Improvise

You'll be taught how to apply scales and make them sound like music, not just exercises, enabling you to jam and improvise on the fly.

Other topics covered...

  • Basic Terminology A-Z
  • How To Read Chord Charts 
  • How to Read Tablature
  • Arpeggios
  • Circle Of Fifths
  • CAGED System
  • Key Signatures and more...

Colourful chord charts & scale diagrams with finger number placements

I was looking for a theory book not written by just another hobby guitar player as most seem to be. Easy Peasy was recommended to me by my guitar tutor in fact! Awesome! With clear explanations & exercises.

Karen Greenwood - Guitar player for 2 years

Helpful icons used in the book - because too much text can put you to sleep...Zzzz

Best guitar theory book for beginners tips

Pro Tip

When you see this icon in the book you're about to learn a dynamite tip, trick or nugget of gold that many guitar players go years without knowing.

Best guitar theory book for beginners practice tips

Practice Tip

This icon highlights handy smart practice tips that'll help you optimise your practice time to see quicker results: Smart practice Vs mindless practice.

Best guitar theory book for beginners exercise

Action Exercise

When this icon pops up there's a practical action exercise for you to put the theory into action - so grab your guitar & get stuck in.

Bonus Material

Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory comes with extra bonus chapters plus the FREE bonus 'Guitar Player Toolbox' download pack worth $95. 

Get your hands on the printable download sheets from the exclusive members area you'll find detailed in the book.

'Guitar Player Toolbox' Bonus downloads include: 

1. Beginner Chord Chart - the first 12 chords every player should know

2. Intermediate Chord Chart - the next most widely used guitar chords to learn

3. Blank Tablature Sheets - handy print out that'll make creating your own tabs hassle free

4. Fretboard Diagrams x 2 - all the notes laid clearly out in 2 reference diagrams

5. Practice Planner - print out this weekly practice diary & turbo-charge your practice time productivity 

easy Peasy Beginner Guitar Theory Book Mock Up Front Cover

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