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Acoustic & electric guitar lessons with professional session guitarist, tutor and writer Tiff Bryan.

"I'll teach you how to play guitar the right way. I'll help you avoid frustration, start believing in yourself and reach your individual playing goals fast..." 

Serving Gloucestershire, Worcestershire the Midlands plus world-wide via Skype.

Ages 14+ and all playing abilities welcome.

About Me

Hi there, I’m Tiff Bryan, your friendly guitar tutor. I provide online and one to one in person guitar lesson. I teach many styles including pop, blues, rock, & funk.

Stop struggling on your own. You can be the best guitar player you can be by simply getting lessons which will give you: structure, guidance, support and direction. (Oh, and with me, you're guaranteed to have fun along the way!) 

I have over 20 years music industry experience as a pro session player, guitar tutor and writer which has seen me touring & performing all over the world. I've played on stage & on tv for famous artists such as Lady Ga Ga, Little Mix and Craig David. But enough about me.

I'm here to help you breeze through any song, lick, & riff you want to learn on guitar and help you finally understand and apply essential guitar music theory.

Learn To Play Guitar The Proper Way

I'm sure you've seen those silly promises; “Learn To Play AWESOME Guitar in 10 hours", “Beginner to Shredding Demon in 6 Days”? So deflating and unrealistic aren't they? Worse still, over 75% of people showing you 'how to play guitar' online are unqualified. They often have little experience playing guitar outside of their bedrooms.

I will help you save the time and headache of trawling through all those Youtube videos and sites. Did you know that doing this  only adds to the confusion and actually hinders your learning progress?

Learn the Power of Goal Setting

It doesn't matter if you are a total beginner or someone who has been playing guitar for 15 years. If you're not practicing the right way, you will end up stuck in a playing rut. You will feel like you've hit a wall. You won't progress. The best solution? Add structure and set clear playing goals. Once you start improving, you'll start having fun with your guitar, not battling with it.

Learn Guitar With A Professional

Over the years i've played sessions in many styles from rock, to pop, to funk. I've composed  music for video games and film. It is this real-life experience which has allowed me to help 180+ students to date realise their dream of learning to play fantastic guitar.

You too CAN become the best guitar player you can be.

What Lessons Include

Personalised Lessons

You're an individual with your own needs & goals. I custom make lesson plans towards YOU. Tell me your favourite bands and artists, I'll do the rest.

Free Learning Files

It's easier to read over what you've just learned to help you learn faster. You'll get custom made Word or PDF downloads sent to your inbox.

VIP Video Support

Got a smart phone? Swipe mini clips recorded of me showing you how to play what you've learned in each lesson. Now that's a nifty idea.

Free Practise Schedules

Fact: You're 50% more likely to achieve your playing goals if you write them down. You'll get pro practise templates i'll help you fill out each week.

Gear Advice

Your first guitar, a spanking new upgrade, effects pedals, amps, strings, tuners, and more. I will give you advice on that gear you just gotta have.

Want to improve your guitar playing ability, break out of a playing rut or finally start a brand new skill? Book your lesson today!

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Some Of The Things You'll Learn


  • How to develop proper technique - develop good habits from the start
  • Best way to hold your guitar to make playing easier
  • How to tune your guitar so you don't sound terrible
  • How to play basic chords every guitar player should know
  • How to play strumming patterns properly every time
  • How to memorise any song - from start to finish (not just random bits and bobs!)
  • How to play easy fingerpicking songs with exact, impressive technique
  • How to apply basic theory- without it, you're playing won't ever get better. With it, you'll play like a dream
  • Notes on the fretboard - once you learn how powerful knowing this is, you'll become a guitar playing ninja 

Intermediate to Advanced?

  • Perfecting Chords- barre chords, triads, inversions, and chord voicings
  • Perfecting Strumming- become a rhythm king. Perfect simple, to complex patterns. Funk, blues, rock, pop & more
  • Perfecting Picking - finger picking, plectrum picking, sweep picking, claw picking, Travis picking, hybrid picking 
  • Essential Techniques - learn left and right hand exercises you're probably not doing right now
  • Soloing Techniques - vibrato, bends, slides, hammer-ons', pull-offs', trills, pinch harmonics, palm muting etc 
  • Music Theory- how to use it in the real world. Keys, circle of 5ths and 4ths, CAGED system, modes, transposing and much more
  • Scales and chromatics-  epic new shapes and exercises to turbo-boost your progression and skill
  • Jamming and improvising
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Student Testimonials

Taking up the guitar at the age of 57 was a bit of a challenge.

Tammy-Tiff was recommended to me by friends at a live music venue. She is a very talented teacher, very patient (with me she needs to be), with a wealth of experience in the industry. She has given me the confidence to say I'm planning to do my first "open mic" night in the not-too-distant future.

Guitar lesson student smiling

Steve Groom

Birmingham, UK

My wife used to tell me to shut up when I picked my guitar up. The other day she told me i'm sounding 'great'. That was when I knew I must be getting mega good. Lol! It's all down to Tiff.

Guitar Lesson Student Testimonial Picture

Al Davitt

Cheltenham, UK

I can play alot of my favourite songs after 5 months with Tiff. I never thought i'd be able to! She explains things so well, and we always have a laugh in the lessons.  Thank you T! xx

Guitar lesson student smiling

Lois Swain

Worcester, UK

Top 5 Beginner Questions

1- I'm unsure if i'm cut out to learn guitar or if i'll take to it. Do you think i'll be good enough?

Absolutely! We were all born with no skills. Think about it. Once we couldn't even walk or talk. Everything in life you can do right now, you had to learn at some point.

Do you love music? Do you really want to learn to play some of your favourite songs on guitar, and sound good whilst doing it? If you answered yes (I hope you did!) that's all you need to be able to start to learn to play guitar; Passion and desire. Mix this with practice and correct guidance you'll get from lessons, and you're good to go.

2- What's best to learn on, acoustic or electric guitar?

Always start learning on an acoustic. Why? Acoustic guitar strings are slightly thicker than electric guitar strings for one so you'll build up your strength and technique quicker. This means you'll have a huge advantage over the people who don't learn on an acoustic from the get-go.

Need advice on the best acoustic guitar to buy? Check out this acoustic guitar review. Still got your mind set on an electric guitar? Check out the best cheap electric guitars out there today.

Special note to you lefties: You'll need to buy yourself a specific left handed guitar. Just ask at your local music shop what they have in stock for you to have a look at.

3- Am I too old to start learning to play guitar? I wish i'd started when I was younger!

Best music theory book for guitar players easy peasy learner beginner

You're never too old to learn to play the guitar. That's the amazing thing about learning an instrument. Your only limitations are the ones you set yourself.

Get a load of this; 82 year old British OAP Diana Green has run over 12 marathons. Impressed?...

Well, even more impressive is that 13 years ago she was given 5 years to live, and she also only started running when she was 69! That lady didn't let age stop her from doing what she loved. So no, age is not a barrier to learning to play guitar. Stop just thinking about learning to play, and start doing.

4- How many lessons do you think it'll take till I can play guitar?

You’re never done learning an instrument is the answer. It is an on-going journey. I have a session musician friends who’s a blinding drummer. We’ve played 4 tours together for famous artists. He once told me that he's still having drum lessons to this day.

And the longest standing member of my guitar playing tribe I teach has been coming to me for 8½ years. (You know who you are Steve.) Now that's dedication to being the best you can be.

Always remember; How quickly you get good on guitar is not just down to what you are taught. It's down to YOU. The more you practice what your teacher shows you, the faster you'll progress. 

5- How much do guitar lessons usually cost?

There are a few different things that determine how much a guitar lesson will cost. Your location is one. A second, is how in demand and qualified the tutor is. An expert teacher with years of experience will cost a bit more than an inexperienced, poorly qualified person offering lessons.

Expect to pay anything between £20-£70 an hour.

Right now for a short time only, you can grab special discounts on my guitar lesson packages. Check out the super deals below:



  • 60 minute lesson x 1
  • FREE access to premium PDF's & learning tools sold in my online shop
  • Video clips & TAB of what you learned in the lesson
  • Access to practice backing jam tracks
  • Pay via cash, Paypal or BACS

£34.50 £32

4 Lesson Saver Pack

  • 60 minute lesson x 4 
  • FREE access to premium PDF's & learning tools sold in my online shop
  • Video clips & TAB of what you learned in the lesson
  • Access to practice backing jam tracks
  • Pay via cash, Paypal or BACS

£138 £115

3 Lesson Saver Pack

  • 60 minute lesson x 3
  • FREE access to premium PDF's & learning tools sold in my online shop
  • Video clips & TAB of what you learned in the lesson
  • Access to practice backing jam tracks
  • Pay via cash, Paypal or BACS

£100 £90

*Please note, I am fully booked post 4:00pm currently and don't teach on weekends.

Gift Vouchers

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Give the perfect gift to the budding guitar player in your life with a guitar lesson gift voucher. Birthday, Christmas, Well Done, Fathers or Mothers Day...whatever the special occasion a lesson gift voucher is the gift that keeps giving. What a great idea! Click here for more info.

Skype Lessons

I offer skype guitar lessons for pupils who live far away and can't get to me. Check out the benefits of Skype guitar lessons here.

How To Book Your First Lesson

Fill in the inquiry contact form here, text or call me. Email and text are better for the initial inquiry as I'm usually busy teaching one of my lovely pupils in a lesson. I'll call you back as soon as I'm free.

Hear Me Playing


Tiff is based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20.

See location here on Google maps...

Are You Located Further Away But Still Want In-Person Lessons With Me?...

Top Travel Tip:

Many of my students who travel from further afield have a double 2 hour in-person lesson twice a month, or a mixture of in-person and Skype lessons instead of the usual weekly lesson. This saves them having to travel every single week.