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New Book Release!

Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory: For Beginners

best guitar music theory book for beginners easy peasy guitar theory book

Printable Music Charts & Posters

best guitar chords chart download pdf for beginners

Essential Jazz Guitar Chords 

Chord reference digital download poster. Featuring 65 of the most used common jazz (blues, funk and country too) chord extension shape voicings & extensions...

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blank TAB paper, chord chart boxes, Tablature manuscript paper

Blank Guitar Chart Mega Bundle

Printable PDF's inc - blank chord charts, TAB Paper, blank guitar Fretboard, music staff paper, high-quality, beautifully simple designs...

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5 minor pentatonic guitar scale patterns pdf free

Minor Pentatonic Scale Patterns

Stop struggling - get better at playing solos & improvising with this high quality poster featuring the 5 minor pentatonic scale shapes with fingerings, intervals...

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circle of fifths guitar chart poster best pdf free

Circle of Fifths Chart

 Music theory reference poster digital download. Featuring scale degree chords, chord progressions, song keys explained, & killer tips to help you...

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beginner guitar chords chart images diagrams

Essential Beginner guitar Chords

Basic must-know beginner guitar chords downloadable diagram. Featuring the most important common open chord & barre chord guitar shapes..

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Top Recommendations

Best Guitar Resources Lessons Ear Master Box

Ear Master

Our choice software we point guitar students to, Earmaster is an ear training tool that teaches you to recognise chords, rhythm, scales & intervals by ear and much more.

Best Guitar Resources Training Train Your Ears Box

Train Your Ears

EQ ear training software designed to help musicians and sound engineers understand equalisers and frequencies. TrainYourEars is perfect for those of you who are into sound recording.

Best Guitar Resources Lessons JamPlay Jam play offers


JamPlay is a quality alternative online resource to help you learn guitar in a variety of styles. Learn songs from artists & try the live courses from 85 teachers.