Skype Guitar Lessons


"For me, Skype guitar lessons are even better than face-to-face lessons for the pure convenience factor. Wish I'd started them years ago!" 

Tony Bingham, London

Skype guitar lessons are a fantastic way of learning to play guitar and have many surprising benefits over traditional in-person guitar lessons...

Online acoustic and electric guitar lessons with pro session guitarist, tutor and writer Tammy-Tiff available now via Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime! 

Top 10 Reasons Students Prefer Skype Guitar Lessons

  • They can learn from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of their own home
  • They save time and hassle not having to travel to the lesson 
  • They can't find a highly renowned professional standard of teacher locally
  • They've had bad experiences with poor local teachers and crave better results
  • They love the fact bad weather won't affect travelling to the lesson
  • They travel frequently and want to take their teacher anywhere they go
  • They live in a remote location and find travel difficult
  • They don't run the risk of losing their teacher if either of them move from the area
  • They get instant shared written lesson content such as song sheets and tab 
  • They get any video/audio recordings of the lesson they want to practice along with later 

What You'll Need On Your Lesson

  • A laptop, computer or tablet with webcam & microphone
  • Reliable fast internet connection 
  • Free Skype app you can download here
  • Your guitar, a comfy chair, and a cuppa if you fancy!

What You Get In Your Skype Guitar Lessons

Quality Audio and Video - I use a HD 1080p res Logitech webcam to ensure you get a clear sharp view of me and my guitar and all the audio is running through a Rode condenser microphone into Logic Pro X so you get a clear sound from my voice and guitar.

Structure - Once I get your action plan completed, what you're going to learn and practice will be broken down into manageable, easy chunks.

Free Lesson materials - You'll get a personal online practice planner, PDF print outs, chord sheets, tab charts & even backing tracks. All of which will help you progress your guitar playing standard much quicker.

Techniques - From scale and chromatic finger strengthening exercises to help eliminate messy buzzing chords, to picking and strumming work, everything I show you will help perfect the vital techniques that every guitar player needs to know to sound good.

No more 'bits of songs' - Most guitar players admit they don't actually know how to play many full songs. Do you know what I mean? They've fallen into the common trap of starting to learn something then giving up thinking it's "too hard'. No more! I'll help you stop the playing rot and banish that 'hit-a-brick-wall' feeling.

Specific Songs - Got certain songs you want to nail? Great. I customise all lessons to you personally. And i'll be teaching you how to play the songs you love as-well as suggesting songs riffs & melodies to learn that'll help expand your playing skills.

Music Theory - I'll teach you the important basics and beyond that are crucial to know if you want to keep improving at playing. We'll be following the teachings in my upcoming book Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory Guide I wrote especially for guitar players like you to make it all even easier for you to get your head around.

Songwriting & Composing - Being a published songwriter I personally love helping people boost their composing abilities. Whether you want to learn how to write great chord progressions to jam over or full songs, I'll help you become confident in writing your own creations.

Gear advice and help - Need help with using a loop pedal? Can never get the right sound from your amp? Scratching your head at the best way to go about recording yourself playing? Whatever your gear issues, I'm all ears.

Improvisation & Ear Training - For my intermediate and advanced students we cover all the necessary skills you'll need to never be scared of the words "let's jam" again!

Q&A - Ask me advice on any area of guitar playing you fancy. I'm here not just as your guitar tutor, but a sounding board for any worries/confusion/problems you have as they arise. Think of me as your guitar coach.

Skype guitar lessons beginner

Daniel Hill

Beginner/Intermediate Student

I was worried about moving from one-on-one lessons with Tammy-Tiff to Skype following an ankle break. No need. I love them! They're just the same (fun, insightful etc) but now I can chill in my study with my slippers on LOL.

Skype guitar lessons intermediate

Rob Greenford

Intermediate Student

The screen sharing of tabs and chord charts you can do in Skype is very cool. It's actually better for me. I live 3,000 miles from Tammy-Tiff so I'm really grateful I get the chance to be taught by such a top tutor (and lovely lady!) using the 'tech'.

Skype guitar lessons beginner

Katie Jenkins

Beginner Student

Loving my Skype guitar lessons. Tammy-Tiff is so warm and makes you feel at ease as a tutor. For me Skype is fab because I can get snippets of the lesson recorded and sent to me so I can practice along with it in the week.

Before We Get Started

Here are a couple of things to consider that'll make the whole process a breeze:

  • What device you'll use : Skype is super diverse, you can use your laptop, desktop computer, tablet or even smartphone. My advise is to choose the device with the best camera and sound you own. You can try out your different devices on our introductory call if you want and I'll help you decide which is best to ensure you get the most from your lessons.
  • Your internet connection : If you've got super fast broadband then going wireless over wifi may be fine. Some students find plugging into an ethernet cable is more reliable though, and generally you've got less chance of potential audio or visual lags over a wired connection.
  • Speakers or headphones : If you only have average quality laptop speakers, you might find using good quality external bluetooth speakers or headphones on your Skype lessons to be a great option. Headsets or headphones are also what I advise you use as they eliminate any potential feedback loops (where you can hear yourself echoed coming back through the speakers). Some of my pupils also prefer headphones not just for the sound, but for privacy. Again, we can try a few options on your introduction lesson if you like.
  • Room lighting : Make sure the room you're in has lots of lighting so I can see your hands clearly to give you the best lesson experience.
  • Optional Extras : Most students find the microphone and webcam on their device to be more than good enough to do Skype lessons with. For those of you who love gadgets and owe yourself a treat check out these popular optional Skype online lesson add-ons you could add to your set-up to make your guitar lessons an even better experience.


1/2 hour - Was £20 NOW £16.00
60 minutes - Was £34.50 NOW £32

Special Offer Lesson Saver Packs:
4 x 60 mins - Was £138 NOW £115
3 x 60 mins - Was £100 NOW £90

How To Book

  • 1
    Contact me to check availability and book your lesson via email: at, or text: 077384 33629 (I'm usually teaching through the day so can't take calls when
  • 2
    When the lesson time has been arranged I'll send you a payment request via Paypal. (* Don’t have a Paypal account? No worries. You can choose to simply click on “Pay as a guest” at Paypal’s site). If you prefer bank transfer, let me know when we confirm your booking.
  • 3
    Please pay for your lesson at least 48 hours in advance otherwise the slot will be given to another pupil.
  • 4
    Make sure you've signed into Skype and are ready for my call at our arranged time for your special offer introductory lesson.

What if There's Technical Issues ?

Technical issues are in my teaching experience rare during online guitar lessons, the odd 10 second freeze may happen. In case they do occur, don't worry. We can have a backup video call software setup to fall back on for peace of mind. I highly suggest one of the following free choices depending on your preference: Google Hangouts or Whatsapp. We can chat about this in your first lesson.

Lesson Terms and Conditions

* Lessons must be paid for the day of booking to secure the slot for you. If not, the slot may be booked by someone else.

* Lesson fees are non-refundable.

* I have students on waiting lists for lesson bookings so please give at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation to give me chance to offer someone else your slot or the fee will be forfeited regardless of reason. Thank-you for your understanding.

* Lessons in the Saver Packs must be used within 2 months.