Guest Post Guidelines

Hi there! We’re currently seeking writers for these topics:

  • Side ventures for music creators
  • Building an online brand presence for music creatives
  • Selling products and services online to earn extra income
  • Music industry news
  • Songwriting advice
  • Music Production
  • Music-related topics

Submission Guidelines

  • Audience: Guitar players, music producers, music students, songwriters, musicians and music lovers.
  • Length: 1,500 – 3,000 words
  • Native-English Speakers: Writers must be native English speakers to ensure the quality of writing. If you are a non-native English speaker but feel your grammar, etc., is strong, please send us a copy of your writing to consider.
  • 100% AI content not allowed: We can quickly sniff out AI from unique human-written content. Your article will also be checked in an AI content detector, so please keep it authentic.
  • Images: All final submissions must include a header image at 2912 x 1632 px (see our blog posts) and a minimum of 2 relevant in-post images, post subject depending. Only use good quality images you have the rights to.
  • Topics which are allowed: Side ventures for music creators, building an online brand presence for music creatives, selling products and services online to earn extra income, music industry news, songwriting, music production, guitar reviews, and music-related topics.
  • Pitch-free: Your post will be pitch-free, so no writing to sell affiliate products or services. 
  • Links we don’t allow: Links related to gambling, adult content, drugs, or violence are prohibited.

Guest Post Best Practices

To make sure your article is a good fit for our audience at YourGuitarBrain, here are a few more important things to do before you pitch your article ideas:

  • Read some of the articles on the YourGuitarBrain blog. This is the best way to learn the types of content we publish and get a feel for the blog’s tone. 
  • Check YourGuitarBrain for our formatting style. Use Appropriate H1, etc. sizes. We’re more likely to accept a well-written post with formatting in line with what we use as it means our editorial team has less work to do, and we can publish your post quicker.
  • Follow best SEO practices. Think of good keyword distribution, alt tags on images and a killer title that’ll get people scrambling to click and read.
  • Check to see if we’ve published your topic already. Please make sure you check and see if we’ve already published a post on your topic. If we have, change your article subject, or consider whether or not you could write something with a fresh angle or from a different exciting perspective. 
  • Articles must be 100% Original: No re-published articles from your blog or elsewhere, please. It goes without saying that plagiarism has no place on our blog. 
  • Disclosures: Please fully disclose if you have a relationship with a company or person mentioned in the article (citing research from your site, say something like “Disclosure: I work for [company name]” or “This case study is from [name] a partner of mine”. 

Submit your article ideas to us at and include your article title and copy ideas in the submission.

We look forward to potentially working with you!

Going Forwards

If we accept your pitch, we may or may not ask you to do some small revision edits to keep your post in line with the content on the blog or if the article doesn’t match what you’ve pitched to us.