Discover the best resources you need to help you improve your guitar playing

If you're serious about being the best guitar player you can be (and you want to have fun whilst doing it), there are some brilliant tools out there that can be serious game-changers.

From better guitar playing, to boosting your productivity, to exciting new gear, we only vouch for resources and tools we love and we've used ourselves. Come and check out our best tools for beginner guitar players and pro's alike.

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best guitar books music theory book for beginner guitar players

The best training and courses 

We always get asked what tools we recommend guitar players buy to help them learn to play guitar better. So here are some of the best software tools that'll help you improve your guitar playing and musicianship.

Best Guitar Resources Lessons Ear Master Box

Ear Master

Our choice software we point guitar students to, Earmaster is an ear training tool that teaches you to recognise chords, rhythm, scales & intervals by ear and much more.

Best Guitar Resources Training Train Your Ears Box

Train Your Ears

EQ ear training software designed to help musicians and sound engineers understand equalisers and frequencies. TrainYourEars is perfect for those of you who are into sound recording.

Best Guitar Resources Lessons JamPlay Jam play offers


JamPlay is a quality alternative online resource to help you learn guitar in a variety of styles. Learn songs from artists & try the live courses from 85 teachers.


The best music making tools

From tablature creation software to virtual guitar amps you can lay down your licks with, these are some of our top music making software picks.

Guitar pro 7.5 guitar tablature editing software best guitar lessons

Guitar Pro

Create, play and share tabs easily with GuitarPro 7.5, the industry leading sheet music and tablature software. With mySongBook integration & backing tracks, Guitar Pro is super user-friendly.

Plugin Boutique Best music plugins for music recording guitar recording software

Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique is the No 1 place for musicians, producers and DJ's to choose from the best music software on the market. Huge selection of music plugins bundles, virtual instruments etc.

Magix music creation software home recording daw for guitar players

Magix Software

Music creation software for bedroom musicians and pro producers alike. From ACID Pro, Samplitude Pro X, to SOUND FORGE Pro you'll find software to meet your recording needs.

Best Music Instrument Insurance insure4music


Insure4Music Music Insurance

This is our go to insurance company for our musical instruments and studio gear. Insure4music provides competitively priced music insurance for musical instruments, studio equipment, bands, music accessories and more.
Cover options include accidental loss, theft & loss, public liability insurance, £50,000 instrument & gear cover with up to £15,000 per instrument.


The best guitar accessories, gear & gadgets

Us guitarists love gear. Discover some of the best must-have guitar accessories that are some of the top picks we use ourselves at home, in the studio and on the road.

Hercules GS526B Guitar Stand for 6 Guitars multiple stand electric acoustic

Hercules Multi Guitar Stand

Best Gifts and Accessories For beginner Guitar Players Digital Electronic Guitar Tuner Roadie 2

Roadie 2 Smart Automatic Guitar Tuner

Marshall Kilburn Cream Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Guitar string ring accessories gifts for guitar players

Guitar String Ring (stunning)

Jim Dunlop Guitar Cleaner Care Kit Make Guitar Strings Last

Jim Dunlop Guitar Tech Care Kit

Personalised guitar strap leather acoustic electric guitar strap

Handmade Personalised Leather Guitar Strap


The best books to help inspire and improve your playing

Reading books is one of the best ways to boost your guitar learning and stay inspired. We help you cut through the noise by showing you some of the most useful books to buy.

Best Guitar Books Guitar Aerobatics Lead guitar theory books

Troy Nelson Guitar Aerobics

Aimed at intermediate and eager novice guitar players, this is a great book to get you out of your playing rut. With exercises covering lead guitar techniques such as string skipping, sweeping and bends. The books comes with audio tracks and drum patterns included.

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Blues Guitar Lesson Best Book For Beginners and Intermediate

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar: Compilation

You get 3 books in one with this great value for money book. 'Rhythm Guitar',  'Melodic Phrasing', and 'Beyond Pentatonics' which is sure to help beginner & intermediate noodlers become confident bonafide blues guitarists.

Best music theory book for beginner guitar players

Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory: The No1 Complete Beginner Guitar Theory Book

Music theory doesn’t have to be complicated! No hard to understand mumbo jumbo - just 100% essential music theory all guitar players must know. Easy Peasy Guitar Music Theory is written by a pro session player & tutor & is perfect for beginner and improver players... 


The best software tools to promote your music online 

From musicians who want to showcase their music, to serious music producers looking to sell their material - having a website to exhibit your material is critical. Here are a few software tools we've used that'll help you boss online.

Bluehost Best Hosting For Music Websites


If you want simple to use, powerful website hosting, the industry leading Bluehost is our top choice. You get insanely easy 1-click installations, free domain names and much more.

Elegant Themes Best WordPress Theme Plugin For Music Websites

Elegant Themes

One of the most popular WordPress theme shops in the land, Elegant Themes offers an abundance of knock-out premium themes and plugins perfect for your music website.

WP Rocket Best Speed Plugin WordPress For Music Websites

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one of the best speed-boosting caching plugins out there. If you want to showcase or sell your music, avoid a slow website by installing this great tool.

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