Guitar Scales: 10 Benefits To Learning | Beginner? Read This Quickly...

Scales are important for guitar players to learn because they make you play guitar better. Fact. 

Why Beginners Learn Guitar Scales: Free Guitar Infographic PDF

Learning to play scales will help improve your guitar playing overall. The truth of the matter is, scales are king when it comes to honing your physical playing skills. From better playing technique to improved sense of rhythm and timing. From melody to harmony, learning scales will open your eyes to how music works.

You'll instantly know the right notes to play over chords thanks to your know-how of keys and chord parent scale construction.

No more cold sweats at the thought of jamming and improvising!

As long as you learn some of the most used scale patterns and play them with a metronome or jam track, your sense of rhythm and timing will also improve tenfold.

Beginner guitar player or fed up of not getting better on guitar? Make scales a part of your weekly guitar practice routine and start loving the way your guitar playing sounds.

Discover the top 10 reasons why you should learn guitar scales below.

Why should beginners Learn-Guitar-Scales-infographic

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Guitar Scales

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner playing guitar for your own enjoyment and never plan on setting foot on a stage. From day one, practicing scales will help you improve on your guitar in these crucial areas:

  1. Enhanced finger strength, finger independence, control and dexterity
  2. Banish painfully slow and messy chord changes
  3. Understand how & why chords are built from scales 
  4. Develop your ear training (work out songs 10 X faster)
  5. Fine tune your guitar tone and sound
  6. Understand how to improvise, jam and solo without sounding terrible
  7. Develop perfect timing, feel and rhythm
  8. Apply and (finally) understand music theory concepts 
  9. Navigate the fretboard notes quickly and effortlessly
  10. Know the right notes to choose to play slick filler melodies between chord changes

Heads up! The best scale beginner guitar players should learn to play first is hands-down the minor pentatonic scale. Learn the 5 minor pentatonic scale positions (+ FREE practice jam tracks here)

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