21 Guitar God Quotes That'll Inspire You To Keep Going (Even When You Feel Like Caving In)

Motivational, inspirational and uplifting quotes for music lovers, guitar players and everyone in between


Motivational quotes for musicians, music lovers and anyone who needs a virtual hug. Because as you know, finding the best way to learn guitar, or anything in life for that matter is tough.

No matter how much you love playing, it can be frustrating, tricky and deflating at times. 

It's nice sometimes to know you're not alone.

Nobody was born able to play a jaw-dropping solo. Even the guitar playing legends found learning hard you know. All it takes is persistence, practice, and passion. There's no voodoo.

Regenerate your passion and feel inspired by the following pearls of wisdom from some of the most skilled and talented guitarists planet earth has seen.

Bookmark, Pin, Tweet, save to your desktop, stick where ever takes your fancy, these uplifting quotes to make sure the only blues you feel from now on are the BB King type...

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Bryan May

Brian May inspiring motivational music quote

Your Motivating Buzz:

Even total rock stars can be low on confidence. Don't let it hold you back, instead accept it's natural. You're only human. You're self-belief will grow.

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert inspirational motivational music quote

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Everybody finds learning guitar hard at first. Nothing worth having in life is meant to come easy. So get on it. Get stuck in. You can do it.

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley music positive motivational inspirational quote

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Shameless confession - you know you're the coolest dude in the room if you play guitar. Oh yeah baby.

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Jimi Page

jimi page inspiring motivational music quote

Your Motivating Buzz:

Learn as much as you can, work on those core techniques and tomorrow you could be writing your own Purple Haze.

Billy Joe Armstrong 

billy joe armstrong greenday quote inspiring uplifting guitar player quote

Your Motivating Buzz:

Play like nobody is listening. Go wild. This guitar playing thing is unbelievable fun in epic proportions if you let it be.

Chet Atkins

Chet Atkins musician quote motivating inspiring

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The only way to get truly amazing on guitar is to learn other people's styles and songs. Period. Don't be afraid to explore your own style in time.

Stone Gossard

motivational quotes about life love inspiration

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Sometimes, you just know...pretty amazing feeling isn't it?

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Niall Horan

motivation quotes for life success inspire music lovers

Your Motivating Buzz:

Admit it. You're smiling now aren't you?...

James Hetfield

inspiring motivational quotes for music life success

Your Motivating Buzz:

Don't forget to enjoy playing. You picked up the guitar for a reason. Never forget that.

Jim Heath

goal setting motivational quote inspiring quotes

Your Motivating Buzz:

The more you learn, the more your skills skyrocket. The more they skyrocket, the more astoundingly epic you play the guitar. There's a whole lotta 'mores' to inspire you to get playing.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix quote inspiring motivational quotes for life pinterest

Your Motivating Buzz:

Very powerful. The maestro himself sums it up. (This is my personal favourite if you're asking). Nearly every guitar player feels shy and nervous playing guitar in front of other people when they start out. With practice you'll improve, and confidence comes with competence.

John Frusciante

quote-john-frusciante-quote for inspiration quotes about life and success

Your Motivating Buzz:

Follow your heart and keep playing. As the man just said, everything will be alright as long as you keep playing. It sure is great to be a guitar player!

Keith Richards

Keith Richards motivational quote to inspire for love and life music lovers guitar

Your Motivating Buzz:

Modest Mr Richards teaches us you should always strive to improve and progress on your guitar. Never stand still, dedicate yourself to a life of continual learning. That's how guitar greats are made.

Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler Motivational Quotes That Will Inspire You to Succeed inspiration pinterest quotes

Your Motivating Buzz:

Think of the smile you have the power to put on somebodies face with your playing. Remember how strong the power of music is.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie ray Vaughan inspiring quote music success

Your Motivating Buzz:

Who says you need to read music to totally crush it at playing the guitar? Not Stevie Ray for one. You have no limitations. Use your ears, follow a structured practice routine. Now you'll become a great guitar player.


unique motivational quotes about life for music lovers

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Don't feel like talking socially at times? Need some 'me time' now and then? Your perfect friend is ready and waiting to be taken into your hands, and she's got 6 shiny strings.

Paul McCartney

motivational quote paul maccartney inspirational quote for life

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That point when all your learned skills and knowledge on the guitar enable you to start creating your own music is an epic life-changing moment my friend.

Steve Vai

clever funny quotes to inspire about life steve vai quote

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It's a running theme isn't it this one? Always remember to enjoy and love playing the guitar. Get the right guidance and tuition, and you'll achieve this vital state.

Jo Satriani

steve vair guitarist motivational inspiring quote about life

Your Motivating Buzz:

Go with the flow, and let your creative juices flood out. Sounds messy. But oh so much fun.

Frank Zappa

motivational quote about success frank zappa guitarist quote

Your Motivating Buzz:

Find your passion for playing, and practice will never again be a chore, but an adventure.  

Summing It Up

Musicians and music lovers, whoever you are, inspiring and motivational quotes help boost your confidence, inspire & uplift your spirit. We hope you found some inspiration and feel empowered to take on whatever life throws at you.

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