Guitar Practice Routine PDF (The Best FREE Planners x 3)

Beginner to advanced guitar practice template - get your free PDF download of our daily and weekly guitar practice printouts

guitar practice routine pdf free beginners practice routine template printable planner

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Make your guitar practice more effective and fun - download our free guitar practice templates in a printable PDF. Because it's a fact, a great guitar practice routine only works if you have your own practice template to use.

In this post we give you:

  • 1 x Daily guitar practice routine (Free blank PDF template)
  • 1 x Weekly guitar practice routine (Free blank PDF template)
  • 1 x 25 Minute Guitar Practice Routine - for beginners upwards (Free guitar practice routine)

The 25 minute practice routine PDF is aimed mainly at at beginner to intermediate guitar players. However, as any good guitarist will tell you, never neglect practicing your basic core skills and techniques

With that being said, players of all skill levels will benefit from following this routine. You will find it easier to create your own practice routines.

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Before we jump to the free guitar practice PDFs, here are some tips to help you get the most from your practice session:

Use Practice Tools

Practice tools are items designed to make your practice sessions more effective and productive. Have the following tools to hand everytime you practice:

  • This daily practice planner
  • Metronome
  • Timer
  • Device to play back songs / backing jam tracks & to record progress clips on
  • Notepad and pen to make notes

Practice Variables

It can get boring practicing the same old things everytime you pick up your guitar.

Change it up.

Add variations in and always set playing practice goals to avoid aimless noodling. Check out these top variations to apply to your practice routines to maximise your gains:

  1. Tempo - use a metronome always. Start slow and gradually increase the speed focusing on maintaining rock solid timing. This takes practice, so keep your chin up.
    Try 3 speeds: Slow (60bpm approx), moderate (85bpm approx), fast (120bpm approx). Adjust the moderate and fast speeds according to your ability level.
  2. Duration - how long should your guitar practice sessions be? As long as possible is the answer. I get it though, life sometimes gets in the way making it tricky to practice as  long as you'd like, so be realistic and aim for a minimum of 25 minute chunks.
  3. No of reps - change up how many loops and repetitions you play of each practice piece. Avoid the damaging habit of playing the same things everytime you pick your guitar up.
  4. Rhythm - experiment playing different timing sub-divisions such as quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes and triplets. Remember to use a metronome to help develop your timing and inner sense of rhythm.
  5. Music theory - here are some ideas for applying theory to playing: say the notes and intervals out loud when playing scales, say chord names out loud, learn the notes on the fretboard, test your ear training etc.

Guitar Practice PDF Downloads

1. Daily guitar practice planner - Blank Printable Template -
Click HERE to get free PDF download #1

2. Weekly guitar practice planner - Blank Printable Template -
Click HERE to get free PDF download #2

3. 25 Minute Guitar Practice Routine -
Click HERE to get free PDF download #3

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Summing It Up

Guitar practice planner - every guitar player needs one in their life! Print out these blank practice templates to use and make your life easier when you sit down to practice.

Which practice planner will you be using the most? The daily guitar planner, the weekly planner, or a mixture of both? Let us know in the comments below your answer and also why you think using a practice planner is a smart move for people learning to play guitar?

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